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Drake’s ‘Draft Day’ Release

Aubrey Drake Graham has been dropping hot music since 2001, with the slightest of ease – leaving us speechless and mentally enticed every time with his analogies and subtle jabs at other artists. Even during his nerdy “Wheelchair Jimmy” days on the hit show Degrassi, he was still rhyming over some of the hottest beats while rolling, literally, down the hallways of the set. So why does it still feel like Christmas morning when we wake up, and realize Drizzy has released a new single via SoundCloud…again? Because every song is different, that’s why, with new Instagram captions and quotable verses that make you say “ohhhhh!”, just waiting to fall upon the ears of his fans.

On the night of April 1st, Drake released his newest single entitled “Draft Day” – filled with sports references and a calm comeback against King Hov, all rapped over a classic Lauryn Hill sample from Doo Wop (That Thing). Genius. The hook mentions Drake’s long-time friend and NFL Draft prospect Johnny Manziel as well as NBA prospect Andrew Wiggins from Toronto. Manziel has been under media and ESPN panel scrutiny since he started making a name for himself with everything from DUI’s and being sent home from Manning Passing Camp to being “too small” for a quarter back. Despite the negativity, he has went on to winning the 2012 Heisman trophy and accounts for a career high of 7820 yards and 63 touchdowns. 

Maybe rising above negativity is what these two young stars have in common. Drake is also always under attack by media and other artists, being labeled as “soft” and an imposter, claiming he raps about things he doesn’t actually do. I think Jay-Z said it best in his “We Made It” remix with New Orleans’ own, Jay Electronica.

Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk / Silly me rappin’ bout sh*t that I really bought

Ouch! However, Jigga’s slight dig was just a stab back at Drake for a comment he made in his interview with Rolling Stone on February 13th.

“It’s like Hov can’t drop bars these days without at least four art references… I would love to collect [art] at some point, but I think the whole rap/art world thing is getting kind of corny,” said Drake.

I think it is safe to say that Jay-Z does reference art quite a lot in his music. From Jean Michel Basquiat to the sculpture of Alpheus and Arethusa by Battista di Domenico Lorenzi on his album cover for Magna Carta Holy Grail, you’re bound to learn a thing or two while listening to Jigga. Well, apparently Drake is not a fan of the constant mental trip back to grade school art class, so he had a comeback for Jay-Z, too. Deep into the verse of  “Draft Day” we hear things get a little personal.

I’m focused on making records and gettin’ bigger / Just hits, no misses / that’s for the married folk / Tell ‘em fix my suite up cause I’m comin’ home / I heard they talking crazy / I was out of town / You know they love to pop all that sh*t when I’m not around

Seems like the tit for tat has been going on long enough between these two but we love the controversy, and most of all…the competition in the music. Hip-hop needs it – thanks Drake. Now, let’s sit back and wait for the next hot single released by one of the best at the moment.

And don’t forget to tune into the NFL Draft on Thursday, May 8th. Until next time….

Kendall is a senior majoring in English at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is set to graduate in May 2015 and hopes to continue her career in Writing and Marketing, while dabbling in Public Relations.
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