Do You Need Life Goals?

So you’ve made it this far, right? You’re in college, so that’s one life goal checked off your list. Now that you’re here, you may be thinking, “Why do I even need life goals?”

While a life of winging it and hoping the world turns in your favor is tempting and seems like an easy way to coast through life, it will eventually come crashing down on you if you don’t have a plan. Goals do not have to be massive and seemingly unachievable; they can be as small as passing a test this week or not failing any classes this semester.

In fact, larger goals, like getting your dream job, can be broken down into smaller ones that are more achievable in order to keep you more motivated throughout your journey. These can be as small as passing a test.

Whether you believe me or not, you will need goals in your life if you want to get further than where you are now. Unless you are immensely happy and satisfied with where you are in life at this exact moment, keep reading.

Goals Drive Success

Having an idea of where you want to be five, 10 or 20 years down the road allows you to aspire to be a better version of yourself. It is a way for you to motivate yourself, even through the toughest times, and be a guiding force for how you want to spend your life. Using goals as a means to success allows you to have mile markers for whether your life is going in the direction you want it to be going. That being said, goals are not set in stone. You can change, edit and even get rid of goals as you move in life or as they no longer become achievable or desired.

Goals Create A More Stable Future

Having goals and creating a plan for your goals is a way for you to become more stable and know where you are going and want to go in life. It is a way for you to motivate yourself to strive for something better in life, as well as making the most of the hand you have been dealt in life. It allows you to do the fun and exciting things in life that you may not have the opportunity to do right now.

Goals Create Self-Confidence

It will not happen overnight, but being able to achieve your goals in life is one of the best feelings you can experience. How did it feel opening up the acceptance letter to your dream school that you worked tirelessly to get into? Amazing. Imagine being able to keep doing that and keep achieving your goals in life. Now, that also means you have to be accountable for your failures to reach goals. But it provides an opportunity to be able to work on yourself and make yourself into a better person and make you able to learn from your mistakes and shortcomings.


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