Disney Movies to Watch Out for This Year

If you are anything like me, I do not care if I am 21-years-old, Disney will always have a special place in my heart. Lucky for Disney fans, 2019 is going to be a STACKED year, filled with your favorite Disney movies remakes and fresh ones. Here are the top six movies you should be looking out for!

1. Captain Marvel - March 8

In March 2009, Disney bought out Marvel Entertainment for a whopping $4.24 billion! Since then, Disney has released all types of superhero movies starting from Avengers to Captain America to Black Panther. This year, Disney is welcoming Captain Marvel into its collection. Get ready to see a lady in action saving the world in about a month!

2. Dumbo - March 29

Well, it’s about time our favorite elephant, Dumbo, gets an animated movie! The story of Dumbo starts with a cute circus elephant with huge ears. He gets made fun of by everyone in the circus for his big ears, but little does he know those ears would make him the most talented flying elephant in the circus!

3. Avengers: Endgame - April 26

Are you ready for the final chapter of the amazing group of superheroes of all time, The Avengers?! Honestly, I am not. Even though it is so upsetting to hear this will be the last of the series, rumor has it that it is going to be the longest one yet (estimated to be three hours long!). So when April comes around, get ready to grab a huge bag of popcorn and enjoy the endgame. 

4. Aladdin - May 24

Is it just me or was Aladdin also your childhood cartoon crush?! Finally after 27 years of waiting, there will be an animated movie for Aladdin. We can finally bask on the glow of our handsome Arabian prince, the beautiful Jasmine and the hilarious Genie. Did I mention Will Smith will be playing the genie? How AMAZING is that?!  

5. Toy Story 4 - June 21

Just when we thought Andy grew up and left all his toys for good, Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Jessie and Rex, are all back for another movie! Toy Story 4 is said to be a love story between Woody and little Bo Peep. Can these two toys actually become the cutest couple of all the toy land? Guess we have to wait until June to find out!

6. The Lion King - July 19

Lastly, in my opinion, the most awaited animated movie to finally release, The Lion King. If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, then what are you doing?! It is so breathtaking and so accurate from the trailer that was created in 1994, it literally gave me chills. Are you ready to see the adventures of Simba and hate on Mufasa? I know I am!

2019 is looking to be the year of Disney. What are you waiting for? Start planning your midnight premieres with all your friends and relive your childhood memories with Disney!

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