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It truly doesn’t feel like fall unless you wear a sweater that makes you feel confident and warm, all in one! Cozy-ing up under a blanket, getting PSLs or taking cute fall pictures is part of transitioning into the season just as much as bringing out your colder weather clothes. Sweaters are a common go to piece of clothing that are easy to put and simple enough to match with any accessory. With so many types of sweaters and different colors, how can you not stop collecting them! If you have an obsession with sweaters, there’s no need to break the bank because here are some clothing stores that sell cute sweaters for relatively low prices!


This first option shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people, but just in case you were unaware, Target has affordable and simple styled sweaters. Whether you want a cardigan or a full sweater, Target offers several styles and colors of the pillow soft clothing. These sweaters last forever and especially when the season starts to switch, you can find the sweater on clearance for approximately $10. Most of the time the sweaters are priced at $15 or $20 with bold colors to stand out compared to the leggings you pair them with!

Forever 21 and H&M

There is more variety in the style of the sweaters from Forever 21 and H&M, and they also happen to be cheaper! Most of them are priced at $13 to $22, and many of them look similar to the ones you would find at Target. You can choose from sweaters with different textures and depending on the style you’re looking for, the price might fluctuate. Especially around this time of the year, these two stores have so many options and all the sweater range a bit different in price which can include hoodies and sweatshirts!


ROMWE is an online store that out of all the stores listed, has the largest selection of sweaters that are usually marked at $13. If you’re looking to mass shop for new sweaters in season at a reasonable price, this might become your new go to place! They mainly market per season so currently they have a lot of options for style.


Surprisingly Walmart carries similar sweaters you’ll find at Forever 21 and are usually marked at $10 to $17. The sweaters are comfortable and are marketed in cooler washed colors. They do carry bright colors as well, but the main colors come in simple colors that match the simple styles offered. Nothing fancy, so if you’re looking for more casual sweaters, this is a store you shouldn’t skip out on!

Ross and TJ Maxx

You can never go wrong in discounted stores like Ross and TJ Maxx, which get clothing from several department stores when clothing gets moved around for the seasons. These stores have been carrying sweaters since early October and are decently priced at some of the cheapest options of $9 to $16. Some sweaters are from Aerie and other large name brands that have switched seasonal clothing or have restocked.

Wherever you decide to buy your new sweater for the season, acknowledge (and don’t sleep on) these cheaper options because you just might find that perfect sweater you saw at Urban Outfitters or Free People at some of these stores! Sweaters can get pretty pricey and if you’re looking to go on a spree for sweaters, you might want to check these stores out!

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