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Summer was a blast, but now the leaves are changing colors and the weather is getting chilly. Don’t let it get you down — cuffing season has arrived.

Cuffing season is the time when everyone on campus is on the lookout for a winter fling; when the nights are cold and lonely cuffers are on the prowl.

“Cuffing Season is in the winter because it’s cold,” said sophomore Mariah Lawson. “And you need a cuddle buddy to keep you warm at night.”

Mariah is exactly right — no one wants to be alone with the holidays approaching! Everyone wants a kiss under the mistletoe and a New Years smooch from their new lover.

When the semester begins, people are just getting to know each other, running into attractive faces at parties and flirting with the cuties in class. When someone is a cuffer candidate, they normally start off as being a friend, and then the one you call for a late night cuddle. Next thing you know, you’ve been cuffed.

All cuffers are different — some want a long-term relationship, others just want someone to call “bae” for the season. Sophomore Tylisa Duckett thinks that cuffing season is a serious matter.

“People take relationships as a joke nowadays,” she said. “Being with someone shouldn’t just be a season, it should be for the long run.”

Whether you plan on being cuffed for the holidays or finding your “sweetheart” in the winter and carrying it on to next semester, never play with anyone’s emotions. Have fun and enjoy the moment but always be upfront with you significant other. Still hang out with your friends and take time for yourself, because you never know what your cuffer has planned.

Cuffing season seems to appeal more to those wanting a casual relationship, but don’t underestimate the power of the cuffing season! It can lead to great things. So whether you’re ready or not, brace yourself, because cuffing season is here.

I am a sophomore here at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting Journalism.
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