"Crystals for Beginners" Book Review

I am one of those people who found themselves the other day on a section of TikTok I never thought I would be on before. Some of you may be familiar with this section of TikTok called “WitchTok,” where self-proclaimed witches and Wickens display their crystal alters to their audiences, demonstrate how to make spell bottles and show off their collection of crystals. What intrigued me about this was that these users claimed the crystals they own radiate different energies, and if you properly take care of them, they can help attract what you need at that point in your life. 

Still curious, I headed to the library to do some further research. For all you beginner crystal users, I’m going to talk a little bit about Karen Frazier’s “Crystals for Beginners: The Guide to Get Started with the Healing Power of Crystals.” Overall, I thought the book was very informative as a new crystal user and was laid out in distinct sections, making it easy to skip to whichever section sparks your interest the most. 

Frazier begins her book with her own personal story of how her stressful, overworked, painful life changed for the better when she randomly decided to visit a crystal and bead shop and was instantly drawn to some crystal beads. She then goes on to explain what exactly crystals are, the different types of crystal patterns there are (hexagonal, isometric, monoclinic, orthorhombic, tetragonal and triclinic), why crystals are certain colors and how crystals have been proven to have energy in more common things in our day to day life (such as quartz being used in radios and watches).

crystals on table Photo by Sarah Brown from Unsplash

After getting through the basics, Frazier expands on how to build your crystal collection, starting with where to buy. You can purchase crystals at crystal/metaphysical shops, mineral shows or even online. Next, she provides a “starter kit” of sorts, which are the most common yet powerful types of crystals that “everyone should have.” These include quartz, which works with every type of energy, citrine, which promotes prosperity, and turquoise, which promotes luck and personal power. What I like about Frazier’s writing is that she provides this “starter kit” to give a better visual of what you should initially be working with, yet emphasizes your crystal collection can exist of merely two crystals, as opposed to many, if they truly have such value and power to you.

The most interesting part of the book to me was the section about taking care of your crystals. Yes—taking care of them. This includes leaving them in the moonlight, using salt or water cleansing techniques, and using sound from sound bowls. They need to be cleansed in any of these ways when a change in handling or location occurs. This will help balance their energy vibrations and needs to be done monthly.

I was fully prepared to return to the library to explore other beginner crystal owner books, but after reading Frazier’s book, I feel confident enough with the information I now have to start my own collection.