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Coats You Need in Your Closet This Winter

Winter is coming, sadly, and this means jackets 24/7. Which may suck if you still have that huge jacket you wore in 10th grade. The arms are probably fraying and it’s getting discolored, but it gets the job done, right? But what if you could trade that in for a cute but still cozy jacket? I know what you’re probably thinking, “cute jackets aren’t as warm or “they’re too expensive,” but that’s where you’re wrong. If you’re looking for an upgrade that doesn’t break your budget or your bank account, then you’ve come to the right place.

Trench Coats 

If you’re cursed with living somewhere where it gets below 40 degrees, trench coats are a must-have. I know you’re picturing the basic beige coats, but my favorites are fur-lined, gray oversized coats. These will definitely keep you warm in the next few gross and cold months. They are also cute for literally any occasion, including going to work, which I love. Here’s the gag—they’re not cheap. Some start at $50, but the higher the quality, the higher the price tag (you know how it goes.) So maybe start at H&M and Zara before you head to Nordstrom!

Leather Jackets

You may not know it yet, but leather jackets are making a comeback. From different colors of leather to different fits, (including cropped and oversized,) these jackets are 100% going to become a staple in your closet this winter. You’re probably thinking, “leather jackets aren’t even warm, and you may be right, but there are so many ways to make them warm. If you’re going out into negative 19-degree weather, then maybe this isn’t the jacket for you. But for the most part, these jackets keep you looking cute no matter the weather. 


I know some of you are not here for the extra fuzzy, warm coats and are just looking for some outerwear, and I completely get it. As much as I love furry and warm jackets, they can get to be too much sometimes. That’s where blazers come in. Blazers are my absolute favorite because they’re so versatile! You can wear them in almost any season and all types of weather, plus they go with everything. On top of that, they’re so affordable because they’re sold at so many different stores at different price points. I promise you you’re going to want to add this piece to your closet.

All of these jackets work for different types of weather and even different seasons. They all are sold almost everywhere right now, which means that it makes your next shopping trip is even easier. If you need some inspiration, my favorite sites for outerwear include PrettyLittleThing, Zara and Beginning Boutique. I promise you, you’ll fall in love with one of these jackets, and they’ll become your new winter wardrobe staple. 

Merry is a third-year Political Science & Economics double major at Boston University. She is currently on the pre-law track and hopes to work in politics (specifically campaign management & electoral politics) post-graduation while also focusing on the journalistic aspects of her majors. She currently contributes to a number of publications while simultaneously working as an editor at Her Campus BU. Merry was also previously the managing editor of Her Campus at VCU and worked as an editorial intern for Her Campus Media. Contact her at [email protected] & @merry.nebiyu.
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