Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival and Its History

Odd Future's original member Tyler, The Creator has had quite the year. From celebrating 1 year of his 4th studio album ‘Flower Boy’ that is still topping charts - impressing his fan base with powerful lyrics and collaborations with well known and talented artists like A$AP Rocky, Lil Wayne, Rex Orange County, Steve Lacy, Anna of the North, Estelle, Jaden Smith, Frank Ocean and Kali Uchis. Tyler ended this year with his collaborative efforts for the music featured in the modern rendition of ‘Dr. Seuss’: The Grinch’, an individual album based on the movie, as well as merchandise to his clothing line ‘Golf Wang’ in the movies honor. In addition to his work with the film, he also hosted his sixth annual Flog Gnaw Carnival with one of the most successful lineups to date. Tyler, The Creator is an eclectic individual and being a long fan of his – I am so excited to witness him blossom as he has.

Tyler, The Creator was one of the co-founders of Odd Future in 2007. The group was founded in Los Angeles having a total of 15 members. The hip-hop collective had a show together titled “Loiter Squad,” toured together, produced collaborative albums as well as individual pieces. Since the groups founding Tyler has always held a major role. He, being one of the founders, also started the collectives clothing line (now known as Golf Wang), was the designer of the artwork used on covers, as well as began Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival (formerly known as the OFWGKTA Carnival).

This year, the Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival took place at the Los Angeles Dodger’s Stadium from November 10th to the 11th. In previous years, the ‘carnival’ has been only one day but due to its increase in popularity and expansion of artists included it became two days. Tyler announced on stage during his set that this Carnival was started with the original idea of just wanting a simple block party to celebrate his album Goblin in 2011. Since it was not allowed, the following year is when he began the Carnival. In 2012, the carnival was held in a parking lot with only Tyler’s closest friends to perform before growing with artists like the late Mac Miller, Pharrell, Kanye West and Flying Lotus – all friends of Tyler. It was when Tyler began working with Goldenvoice, the people who work behind the scenes for major music festivals such as Coachella, when the Carnival began to get the attention it deserved. It is the uniqueness and originality that make the Carnival stand out. Sticking to naming it Carnival versus festival, Tyler holds to that by having some traditional Carnival games, food, and merchandise throughout the venue in addition to the performances.

                                      A lineup poster from Camp Flog Gnaw, 2017. 

Luckily this year, YouTube decided to collaborate with Tyler, live streaming the carnival as it does for other major festivals. Because of this, it was impossible this year’s lineup. The lineup included many upcoming alternative artists and bands as well as Odd Future affiliates; The Internet, Domo Genesis, Mike G, Taco Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler himself. Other artists include Kali Uchis, Brockhampton, Rex Orange County, Jorja Smith, Playboi Carti, A$AP Rocky, The Ms. Lauryn Hill, Post Malone, Jaden Smith, SZA, Kids See Ghosts (Kanye West and Kid Cudi’s duo). With this impeccable and quickly sold out Carnival, it excites me to follow Tyler and the artists he works with and where they go.


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