Bites in the Big Apple

Spring break took me to the blustery cold of New York City. Of course, shopping and shows are the first thing on everyone's mind when plotting the course for the week, but more importantly, food. Here are some of the fabulous restaurants I had the pleasure of dining at while I was in the Big Apple.

1. Butter

I mean, it's in the name. Absolutely incredible experience dining in The Food Network star, Alex Guarnashelli, and acclaimed executive chef's midtown location. Our entrees were delectable and gorgeous to look at, finished with exciting creations from the pastry chef's whim. The menu follows a seasonal pattern to ensure creativity and freshness in the menu. The room itself was stunning, with high ceilings and fresh designs, it is fabulous. 

2. Ninja

This sushi spot is also a fully immersive dining experience. From the onset, ninjas were leaping out from dark "cave-like" corners to scare us as we rounded sharp corners deeper into this mysterious place. Every dish we ordered came with an elaborate presentation from the ninja staff, including dry ice and fire-breathing dragons. We had to watch our backs constantly, for fear that the trap doors might slide open and a ninja or his baton may emerge suddenly. Aside from it being a potential risk for those with heart conditions, it was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget.


#SaltBae's restaurant was an unforgettable one, to say the least. The melt-in-your-mouth wagyu was out of this world paired with excellent service and a cool atmosphere, this spot certainly earned high marks in my book. After receiving a great deal of attention online for his flair for the theatrical, Nusret Gökçe gave us a night to remember. Theatrics were rampant across the dining room, from torching dishes to chopping them wildly in front of hungry onlookers, there was not a bored soul in the place. If you're lucky enough to be in the restaurant when he is there he will gladly come to your table and slice your steak, sprinkling it famously with salt. 

4. The Modern

After spending a day at the MoMA, walk into the discreetly located venue into a world of energy and spark. The room was alive and the dishes were inspired. I was given two chocolates, compliments of the chef, that had only what I can describe as "pop-rocks" mixed in. Simply outstanding that even the food came to life in the place. In fact, I don't even like grapefruit but in the cold fennel salad, they complimented it so well I forgot my disliking for them. Highly recommend.

5. Hunt & Fish Club

The head chef, a winner of Bravo's Top Chef, is uniquely talented in his ability to prepare exquisite cuisine. His passion for cooking is evident, particularly in the bone marrow appetizer which I could not seem to get enough of. The general ambiance of the restaurant was in a word, cool. Incredible light fixtures and walls of live plants set a specific atmosphere that was posh and inviting. The mood was so "right" that one young couple got engaged mid-meal! Maybe it had nothing to do with the food, maybe it did, who's to say?

6. Bergdorf Goodman's Restaurant

Located on the seventh floor of their 5th Avenue store, this surprising spot was absolutely one of my top meals. After perusing the various floors, wander up to cozy restaurant inside for a relaxed wind-down. To my left, there was a stunning view of Central Park and beneath my feet were millions of dollar's worth of luxury items, I felt like Blair Waldorf. A mix of classic with modern pieces created a very fresh atmosphere for the housewives and myself to enjoy. If you do get the chance to stop by, I recommend the lobster mac, great lobster to mac ratio. 


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