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The Best Thrift Stores in Richmond

I have started my senior year of college at VCU and have now been officially living in Richmond for three years. Being a fashion major, I’ve spent a fair share of my time scouting out the best places to shop in Richmond, especially for apparel.

Personally, I like going to places that are budget-friendly and sustainable whenever I can! That means that my shopping experiences are usually at secondhand or discount stores. It saves me some cash, and I know that the workers are being treated fairly, unlike at fast-fashion companies who, many times, have factory workers working in unfair conditions and for little pay.

It’s also nice that many of these places have a less harmful impact on the environment than fast-fashion retailers. I know that when I first got to Richmond, I had a semi-hard time trying to find the shops that I could afford and that were stylish and sustainable too! Here is a list of the best places to shop in Richmond:

Fan Tastic Thrift

Fan Tastic, though usually crowded, is one of my favorite thrift stores in Richmond. There are always so many jewelry items I find here. The prices here are great and I can usually count on coming out with a handful of items.

Diversity Thrift

This place always has great thrift finds and has been voted Richmond’s best thrift store. I love going there to find clothing and accessories. Diversity is also great because some of the proceeds they earn are given to Diversity Richmond, an organization devoted to helping the LGBTQ+ community. They give donations to nonprofits and fight for LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion in Richmond.


If you go to VCU, you’ve probably heard of, or at least walked past Rumors Boutique. Located right on campus, Rumors is a re-sell shop specializing in trendy apparel and accessories. This local shop is great because it is right on campus so no gas money is needed and you can even earn some cash by reselling your old clothes.  


This is my personal favorite on this list, and it's not just because of my nifty employee discount! Even before I was employed here, I absolutely loved looking through all the new, adorable accessories they sell and all the unique gently-used clothes. It is located in Carytown, where you can walk around at other local shops and grab a bite to eat. Similarly to Rumors, you can sell your old clothes here to get some extra cash or store credit. The layout of this store is super inviting and decorated in a way that makes you want to keep shopping. The prices are fair and the fashionable employees here are great at picking out one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Sometimes it may seem like a struggle to be able to find cute, affordable shops to go to that are geared towards college students. This can be especially hard if you are a freshman who is new to the area. Hopefully, this list of shops will inspire you to try a place you’ve never. Perhaps you’ll even find your new favorite Richmond spot. Happy shopping!

Sydney is a senior in VCUarts studying fashion merchandising with a minor in media studies. Her passions include music of all forms, social justice, and doggies! She hopes to one day have a career that combines her love of fashion and helping others.
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