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The Best Sunscreens For Every Skin Type

We’re always told that you should wear sunscreen every day. I never did because all of the sunscreen formulas left me feeling sticky, greasy and the smell lingered through the day. With more beauty brands realizing this issue, there’s more formulations than ever for every skin type and absolutely no excuse to not use sunscreen! Wearing sunscreen every day helps prevent early signs of aging, sun spots and protects you from skin cancer. When looking for sunscreen, it’s important to have at least SPF 30 for sunscreen to be effective. 

1. Oily Skin 

I have oily skin and most of the sunscreens that were on the market were greasy and felt extremely uncomfortable to wear. I found that Shisedo’s Urban Environment Oil-Free UV Protector in SPF 42 ($35) helped fight this effect and had a mattifying effect. I wear this sunscreen under my makeup and it acts as a great primer for preventing excess oils from seeping out. More importantly, this sunscreen is water resistant! This is a mineral sunscreen, so the sunscreen does appear very light when applied. 

If you want to avoid the white cast, Bioré’s UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence in SPF 50+ ($17 on Amazon) is my favorite. I discovered this while in Asia and it was every girl’s cult favorite. The consistency is exactly like it sounds, a light, watery texture that absorbs quickly into the skin. The sunscreen also has a great scent that doesn’t linger throughout the day. I would also recommend this for dry skin types as well!

2.) Dry Skin

In addition to the Bioré UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence, Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in A Jar SPF 30 ($39) is amazing as well. The consistency is thick and a little goes a long way which is amazing for those extremely dry winter months. Despite the thick consistency, the product absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling sticky after application. 

3.) Normal Skin

For those of you with normal skin, Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen ($16) is an amazing and affordable choice. The moisturizer doubles as a makeup primer as well, so it’s perfect for smooth makeup application. Supergoop is definitely one of my favorite sunscreen brands and all of their products incorporate SPF for all over protection!

It’s important to wear sunscreen every day, regardless of whether the sun is out or not. The effects of sun rays are harmful towards the skin and can break down elasticity which leads to early signs of aging. It’s best to start at a young age so start applying sunscreen ASAP!


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Hannah Zhang is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Economics and on the pre-med track. She has a deep love for Frank Ocean, flaming hot cheetos, and food. She enjoys Dad jokes and a good read!
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