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The Best Nail Colors for This Fall

Who doesn’t love fall and all the fun in getting cozy and cute to post pictures and get the attention of your friends on how put together your look (or just be comfy). That favorite pink or navy blue sweater goes well with so many nail colors, but how do you ultimately choose just one from so many!? Based on the main colors you wear and your typical mood, different colors might pop better than others, or maybe you just have a favorite nail color that you wear all the time. Here are some nail colors to choose this fall based on your fashion choices or the things that make you feel confident:

The most commonly worn color that seems to never go out of style is a deep red color. Whether you wear jeans all fall or leggings, or it’s the only thing that’s not black in your outfit that day, this color is a fierce and very bold color. Not only is it fun, but this color compliments most dark outfits that, let’s be real, make up most your wardrobe for the colder temperatures. Personally, a bold or deep red color can make an outfit look fun as well as compliment a nice dress if you happen to be going to a fancy event this season!

Different shades of gray look amazing on everyone as well. Gray has been a more popular color in the past few years, which makes it an absolute must to try this color out! Different nail polishes will have a purple or bluish undertone, which I personally think makes the gray polish mesh with any fall outfit!

Neutral colors such nude, tan and even French manicures are always a safe bet to match most of your wardrobe as well. If you don’t want the focus to be on your nails, but you want them to look well kept, these are the best colors to go with! Especially if you work in a professional environment, neutral colors can give you that confident boost as well stay within the lines of representing yourself well for your job.

Additionally, burnt orange is a newer trend that reflects the typical fall pumpkin obsession as well as the vibe of leaves falling in autumn. It’s a very noticeable color that goes well with all the dark colors that come with the change from the horrific heat to cooler temperatures. Burnt orange, as well as most shades of orange, go well with black, navy blues, grays and most neutral colored clothing.

Whichever color nail polish you choose to make your go-to this fall, have fun with matching your mood to the colors that make you feel confident! Take a chance and choose a color you never wear to try this fall and just have fun with it!

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Nat is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University who treats every opportunity as a new chapter. All her chapters are filled with music, travels, Pinterest, and pics of friends laughing so hard they snort. She loves meeting new people and hearing new stories because she believes everyone has one. She aspires to influence those around her as well as just making people smile.
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