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Backstage Access to Steve Aoki’s Concert

As a correspondent for Her Campus VCU, I took an unexpected road trip with Vice President Mymy Dinh to a Steve Aoki concert in North Carolina. As a member of the press, we were allowed backstage and had the opportunity to experience the show from a VIP perspective. However with all the hype and madness, you can not blame us for ending up on the dance-floor partying like everyone else! From the light show, the energy, and most importantly, the music, nothing about the show failed to impress me!

If you haven't already heard of Steve Aoki, then it is about time that you found out! Aoki is a leading artist in the electronic genre who throws some of the most exciting and hype dance parties known to the scene. His concert was so exciting that at the show, it was almost as if the crowd and music drowned out every thought or concern in my mind, and then nothing else mattered but having fun! 

This was not the first time I watched Steve Aoki. I once saw him in Washington D.C as a full fledged participant – begging for champagne to be thrown on me and wishing that I could be apart of his famous “white water rafting". This was my second Aoki concert, and as apart of the press, I can honestly say it was was nothing less than my first experience. The best part of the show, in my opinion, was hearing his new music. Listening to Aoki's upbeat dance music next to seas of people -- with him interacting with his fans on stage -- was an experience unlike no other! 

Recently, Steve Aoki released his first full fledged album that includes collaborations with artists like Kid Cudi and LMFAO. Of all the songs, I recommend my favorite song off the album, "Cudi the Kid".  "Cudi the Kid" is an interesting mix of the chill style fans are familiar with from Cudi with Aoki’s energizing beats. At the show, the crowd responded well to his new songs but inevitably, they went wild for old tracks like “Wake Up Call” and “Warp 1.9”. 

Steve Aoki is not only a talented artist, but an amazing performer too. On stage, he interacts with the crowd and engages the whole energy of the show.  Aoki concerts never fail to entertain! He knows what fans love and he knows what fans want -- they want him. From his iconic style to his unmatchable energy, fans can't get enough of his performances -- they're wild! He throws champagne on audiences, people beg for cake, and Aoki white-water rafts on-top of seas of people. During one point in the show, he even scaled a wall! The parties are so crazy that if I were to guess, then Energy is Aoki's middle name! Whether he is drowning fans in champagne, throwing cake on their face, or having everyone throw their hands up for a brief photo, Aoki’s energy is what people love. If it sounds like madness, then you are certainly right! But that what keeps fans coming back and makes Steve Aoki an incredible artist and entertainer!

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