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I’m getting a lot of mixed signals from a guy–I think he used to be a lot more flirtatious with me but I wasn’t catching on for some reason. Or it could have just been a friendly thing, I don’t know. Obviously, since I wasn’t catching on, I wasn’t flirting back (even though I did have a crush on him at the time). Now I’m trying to flirt with him and it seems to be working, but school has kept us both swamped beyond belief. Any flirting tips? What about when we’re in environments with other people? Or when we’re apart? Thanks!

College makes us all overwhelmed sometimes and it seems like all we can focus on is homework! Even when your guy is swamped with hours of homework, make sure you never leave his mind. Use the power of text to your advantage here! If you use one if these flirty text, I’m positive he’ll never stop thinking about it while he’s cramming for calculus or out with friends.

1. “EVERYONE is going to John’s house party tonight- I better see you there!” Give him the open invitation to come see you in a group setting. Even if he says “I really can’t, I’m super busy.” Just reply, “That’s okay. A few of us are hitting up IHOP after the party; you can swing by and make it up to me ;)”

2. “UGH, I just can’t focus studying on my own anymore. We should go over the study guide for the next test.” You know he won’t resist a chance to have a study buddy!

3. “UM, I’m trying to focus in English right now if you could get out of my mind that’d be great!” With this line, he’ll know that you’re thinking about him 24/7. If he’s in class when you send it, I bet he’ll think about you all class period long, too!

4. “HELP! I’m at Starbucks and literally can’t study anymore. Come save me!” Isn’t it every guy’s dream to be a superhero and rescue a cute girl? Even if he doesn’t need a break from studying, too, who could pass up some Starbucks?

5. “Red is DEF your color ;)” This is the text you want to send him when you’re around other people. He’ll know you’re paying attention to him and you don’t have to try to shout at him in the middle of a loud crowded room!

6. “Where have you been hiding?” Don’t take it personally if he goes MIA for a few days- he’s just super busy! Send him this text and follow it up with “Glad to know you’re alive LOL. I have pizza and the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie, you down?”

Good luck with your guy. Get your phone charged and ready! HCXO.

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