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Q: How do I get over my ex (that I broke up with) dating someone else? I didn't want to be in a relationship with him anymore but it still hurts just the same.

Getting over an ex can seem like a daunting task, but I'm here to let you know that it’s completely doable. One great way to move on to doing the single thing again is just hanging out with your girls. Do not be afraid to go out and let loose so that you can get your mind off of things. If you’re really not into having a bunch of people around you telling you how hot you are you could always call one of your most trustworthy friends, who can lend a listening ear and allow you to vent. Sometimes just getting everything off of your chest is the answer.

If neither of those answers are something you are up to because the wounds are still fresh from the breakup, you always have the option of going home and talking to those who know you best, which is sometimes your parents. Parents want nothing but the best for you and give some pretty amazing advice. Another one of my go-to’s for after a breakup is to go to one of my favorite spots and write down what it is I am looking for in my next relationship because I have to admit “ex’s are that for a reason: they serve as examples for future relationships” so take what you know and just learn from it. Things can only get better from here.

Q: How much of a body count is considered "too high" for a girl in college?

There’s this assumption that a magic number exists when referring to someone’s body count but the truth is this number varies for everyone. Some people would say if you cannot count how many people you have slept with on one hand, that's too many and for some more than 10 people is a lot. Some would even say more than one partner is too many, but these numbers all mean different things to different people. As a woman, your body count number becomes your marker in how experienced you are, but it gets even trickier because if your body count is too high and you're considered a “slut” or if it’s too low and you’re called a “prude,” either way your body count number seems to define who you are to guys but as woman, we know this is not the case.  

Here’s what I mean by that, if someone has had only one sexual partner, others may think of that individual as not experienced and maybe not that great in bed while on the other hand another guy may think you're selective with who you hook up with and he can respect that.  On the other side of the spectrum, if a female has a high body count some guys may feel they’re too experienced and other guys may think she's just having a good time. It’s completely okay for a woman to be sexual, because we are sexual beings and we have the same urges men do, if not more.  In no way am I making a connection between a body count to how dateable you are because all guys are into different things. Some guys don’t care to know how many other guys you've been with, but my answer in a nutshell is this magic number does not exist, and if you don't believe me go around and ask three random different guys and girls and they will all give you different numbers.

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Saiounia is a 20 year old Broadcast Journalism major studying at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her name is pronounced (Say-oh-knee-uhh). She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Saiounia is a food junkie and loves adventure. In her spare time she can be found at local food festivals and family owned coffee shops.
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