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Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Riley Keough and Sam Claflin in Daisy Jones and the Six
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video
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Analyzing The Costumes In ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’

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The new TV adaptation of the book “Daisy Jones & the Six” recently started streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The past month, social media has been buzzing about the new series. The 1970s costumes have been a hot topic, leaving fashionistas totally inspired by the decade.

We’ve been seeing the coastal cowgirl aesthetic everywhere and it’s forecasted to be the hottest summer 2023 trend. Daisy Jones and the rest of the characters are inspiring our young generation to take a dip into the 1970s aesthetic which includes chunky jewelry, crochet and lots of denim. Let’s analyze some of the female character’s costumes and see how their clothing connects to the storyline. 

daisy jones

Daisy Jones is a free-spirited singer-songwriter who joins a band called “The Six.” She comes from a privileged background but has no standing relationships with her family. Her mother’s rejection leads Daisy to suffer from a lack of self-confidence and messy relationships, seeking love in the wrong places.

We often see Daisy in loose capes from when she first performs with the band in Hawaii up to their last concert when she wears that gorgeous glittering gold cape dress ensemble. She also wears a man’s oversized button-up shirt while rehearsing in one scene that shows her eclectic style and an almost “lazy but stylish” approach to picking out her outfits.

My favorite pieces that stand out to me the most are her statement fur-lined jackets often paired with western boots. These jackets are big enough that Daisy can almost hide under them when she is feeling self-conscious — usually, she is wearing these coats when she has her outbursts.

Between her crochet bralettes, cowgirl boots, fringe, loose-fitting silhouettes and tiny tops, Daisy Jones is giving Western 1970s rocker girl. If you couldn’t tell already, Daisy’s costumes are my favorite not only stylistically but because they show so much of her personality, emotions and character development.

Riley Keough in Daisy Jones and the Six
Lacey Terrell/Prime Video
Camila Alvarez

Oh, sweet Camila. The family-oriented girl next door that offers to photograph the small band turns into lead singer Billy’s wife. This soft-spoken character goes through great emotional turmoil as she flips her life around to continue a relationship with Billy while he gives his heart to someone else.

Camila’s innocence and small-town girl style, in the beginning, consists of high-neck tops, lace details, wrap dresses and maxi skirts. Floral patterns in browns, dark purples and whites are her go-to color palette as well as animal prints in the later decade.

She wears her hair in soft braids or ponytails to show her simplicity and humbleness. As she gets older, she becomes a mother and develops a tougher skin around the band’s lifestyle. She starts fashioning statement pieces like structured hats, oversized sunglasses, fur coats and headscarves — can we talk about her airport outfit?

In episode six, she wears a glistening long-sleeved, camel-colored, knit knee-length dress that sounds modest but with a low neckline, an accentuated waist and the fact that it is see-through makes this outfit the ultimate revenge dress. Camila has an affair with a band member, Eddie, while she is feeling unheard, slighted and dry of Billy’s affection; therefore, her sexuality and vulnerability are displayed through this dress.

Throughout the series, Camila shows the greatest depth of emotion and her costumes exemplify that entirely. 

Simone Jackson

Simone is Daisy’s disco star friend who faces challenges trying to break into the music industry as well as trying to stay in the closet. A budding singer at the beginning of the series, Simone rocks floral halter necks, faux suede vests and TONS of fringe. She stays true to the early 70s.

Her modest hair is loosely curled and her accessories are big but muted in color and texture. She often color blocks in rusty reds, burnt oranges, chocolate browns and matte metals.

After she changes her hair to a voluminous afro and moves to New York, she starts wearing more glittery and bold outfits. During one of her first recordings in New York, she wears a brightly patterned wrap top that subconsciously tells the audience her mindset is more confident.

By the mid to late 70s, her costumes are fully immersed in the classic trends of the time. On her trip to save Daisy in Greece, Simone wears colorful Greecian-inspired dresses and capes in lightweight fabrics.

Her vibrant color palette matches the rest of the characters in the scenes in Greece for an aesthetically pleasing sight. She ties fabric around her neck and styles similarly patterned accessories to complete the outfit.

For the rest of the series, we see Simone in low-cut blouses and jumpsuits in lots of orange and yellow colors that represent she is comfortable with herself and her musical abilities. Throughout the season, Simone starts off as a bohemian princess and as her confidence peaks, turns into an exuberant 70s disco queen.

I could write forever about the costumes in this series but we don’t have time! I also want to acknowledge Teddy and Bernie’s outstanding dedication and consistency to classic 70s silhouettes and details.

The rest of the members of the band have their own styles but do not stand out as much as the three ladies I mentioned. Their costumes could sometimes pass for contemporary fashion with a touch of 70s flair although that’s exactly how costume designer, Denise Wingate, intended the fashion to be perceived: “I wanted for people to feel like they could wear it today.”

Watching films and TV is a great way to learn about the past’s fashion, culture and history. Plus, you can get inspired and have the confidence to try a new look! Are you rocking 1970s fashion this season? I know I am.

Ariana is a fashion merchandising major and theater minor at Virginia Commonwealth University with interests in costume design and film. She is a member of the editorial team and is enthusiastic about sustainability, fashion, beauty, mental health, and current events. She loves supporting women through HC.