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I love running not competitively, paint, reading, netflixing, and hanginging out with friends.

Relationship status:

Single as a dollar bill.   

Biggest fear:

My biggest fear is ending up alone. I never want to forget to plan time for my friends, because it is important for me to have people that I love around me that I can share my success with and vice versa.  

Favorite Pickup line:

“Do you have a map? Because I just keep getting lost in your eyes!”  



What kinds of things does I am that Girl do?

We really focus on building a community and creating a safer space. We use this safe environment to discuss things that no one really gets to talk about in an open setting. Please don’t get me wrong the organization also participates in a lot of fun things as well, right now we are planning a galentine’s day. The event will happen the day before valentine’s day, the purpose for the event is to celebrate female friendships.

What is it that you want to achieve with I Am that Girl?

Well I have an answer from two different perspectives. As the chapter president I want to generate an organization where everyone is genuinely there for one another, and as a member of the chapter I want to spread the word and mission of I Am That Girl.

3 most important qualities every member of I Am That Girl leaves with?

Every member leave knowing that she is enough, she is kind, she is loving!!!! ( fancy font)

When someone ask you what I am that Girl is , what do you say ?

Well for starters we’re shifting girl culture!  We have girls that grow up thinking that they need to achieve X,Y,and Z in order to be something. Instead we foster self doubt into self love.  We’ve been doing this way before Taylor Swift might I add.

Saiounia is a 20 year old Broadcast Journalism major studying at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her name is pronounced (Say-oh-knee-uhh). She is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Saiounia is a food junkie and loves adventure. In her spare time she can be found at local food festivals and family owned coffee shops.
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