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9 Things We All Miss About Childhood

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

As we grow older, we realize the things we once took for granted and how much we miss them now. Here are some of the things we would all go back to if we could 

1.      The opportunity of playground adventures

These places don’t look like they’re all that great, but with just enough imagination, playgrounds were the most magical places.

2.      Recess and time to play in general

As a child, your schedule was equally play time and nap time.

3.      Not being expected to know how to cook

Every meal was prepared and served to you. It was so convenient!

4.      The only rules we needed were how to share.

Taxes, bills, politics, even grammar- none of these mattered. The extent of our responsibility was being kind and putting toys away.

5.      There was no pressure to be someone else.

You could play pretend all you wanted, but it was always your choice. 

6.      Freedom

Freedom to play, freedom to imagine, freedom to be curious, freedom to love- as a child it was always up to you.

7.      Knowing someone’s looking after you

Whether it be tucking you in at night or carrying you to bed when you fell asleep in the car- there was always someone to depend on.

8.      Believing you could do anything

As an adult, the sky’s the limit, but as a child, there never was a limit. Nothing was impossible and each day was a new opportunity to dream more.

9.      Not being defined by a relationship

You weren’t defined by the friends you hung out with, and even if you had a boyfriend or girlfriend at a young age, that was not your identity. As a child, you had the opportunity discover your likes and dislikes. You could develop your personality and the only person you had to worry about was yourself. Unfortunately, not all children get this freedom. Around the world, young girls still become child brides. They are immediately stripped of some of the best things about childhood and expected to act as young wives and maybe even moms. Her Campus VCU is teaming up with Heart to Soul in Action in a No Child Bride campaign. To learn more about this issue, please visit their website

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