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I’m graduating from VCU in May so I thought it could benefit other students to share the ways I’ve made money throughout my four years. Hopefully, you can find a new way to monetize your time from this list!

Part-Time On-Campus Job

Fall of my sophomore year at VCU I moved back to campus when the pandemic was still sort of happening (pre-vaccine in 2020). I needed a job where I didn’t interact with people too much so I got a job as a residence hall desk assistant. There was a layer of plexiglass between the desk and the residents so it was COVID-safe. The job was low effort and doubled as a chunk of time to do homework so it worked out great. 

Part-Time Off-Campus Job

I worked part-time off-campus at Target and on Election Day as a poll worker. Working off-campus helps you connect with the community and make friends outside of school. You can usually make more money than you do working an on-campus job, too. 


I nannied for families during the summer and now part-time during school. It’s free birth control and pays super well (which makes it well worth your time and energy). 

Dog Sitting

Dog fitting fulfills the urge to get a pet (which is very strong in college). You can make good money without having to do as much as you do when babysitting. 

House Sitting

This is also relatively simple. You don’t get paid a lot usually but you get to see the inside of other people’s houses and hang out alone in a new space.

Selling Clothes

My style evolved a lot when I came to college and my body changed a bit as well. I also can be somewhat of a hoarder of clothes, telling myself I might need something for some occasion that never presents itself. So, every so often, I clean out my closet and take out anything I haven’t worn recently or that doesn’t fit me well.

I either take these clothes to local thrift stores or list them on Poshmark or Depop. A couple of thrift stores in Richmond, such as Ashby in Carytown, buy clothes from you so I would take loads there to try to get a few bucks back before donating the rest. 

Paid Internship

A great resume and connection builder! Get to know people in professional communities in the city and gain some experience in the field you’re interested in working in post-grad. These are getting more common as well with fewer people unwilling to do unpaid internship work. 

Paid Research Assistant

Another excellent resume and connection builder. I have had the opportunity to work closely with a couple of professors in my major on two research projects. The knowledge and experience you gain are really helpful to have when you are applying for internships and jobs post-grad.

I hope this list can help new college students know their options and what opportunities to look for as they continue their education. Working and making money is often necessary to fund living expenses and tuition. Be sure to know all your options and apply around to expand your wallet and armory of people you know in your community. 

Maddie Quigley is a political science major with a minor in media studies. She is a vegetarian, plant-lover, avid reader and she enjoys talking politics.