8 Times VCU Dining was Actually Your Friend

If you lived on campus during your freshman year, you probably became pretty well acquainted with Virginia Commonwealth University’s dining options. Living on campus freshmen year requires a pretty substantial meal plan (The smallest dining plan for freshmen living on campus is 200 swipes and 150 dining dollars!) to last you through the semester. It’s not uncommon to find yourself dreading dining options a few weeks into the semester, or longing for a home-cooked meal. Whether you swear VCU food makes you sick, or feel like you’re stuck eating the same three things over and over, I think we can all admit the times when VCU dining wasn’t so bad.

1. When you remembered you could get a pizza and a two liter bottle of soda from Market 810-2-Go for two swipes


If you’re involved in any of the many organizations around campus, you probably have meetings and events to attend. It’s not uncommon for organizations to ask members to bring food from time to time; it’s also not uncommon to put off buying food until the last minute. Not only did Shafer’s pizza deal save you the trip to Kroger, but it also saved you from spending your “real” money. Besides, who doesn’t love pizza?


2. When that guy on Tinder wouldn’t give up so you suggested a date at Shafer

Online dating has its perks, but awkward conversations after realizing that guy you matched with last week is in your chemistry class who nothing like his profile is not one of them. It’s hard to reject someone you’re going to see every week for the rest of the semester. Suggesting Shafer as the place to meet is a great way to keep things casual, use your swipes and let him know you’re not really into him that way.


3. When it’s swipe day at Chick-fil-a

Even though the VCU dining options seem to have plenty of greasy breaded chicken options, none of them is more beloved than Chick-fil-a. While the rest of the world struggles to accept that Chick-fil-a is closed on Sunday, VCU students also have to accept that swipe day is only on Saturdays. The line at Chick-fil-a is dreadful, but biting into one of those waffle fries reminds you that it was worth the wait, and at least you’ll always have Saturdays. Bonus points when they accidently give you nine nuggets instead of the anticipated eight!


4. When VCU has an open house

Food is never better and lines are never faster than when potential VCU students and their parents swarm campus. VCU dining pulls out all the stops and has you wishing that these prospective students would never leave (except that you’d never make it to class on time because you keep stopping to give directions)


5. When you wanted to cheat on your diet


You’ve been working really hard to stay fit this semester, but everyone has days when they just want something delicious and completely bad for them. Whether you decide to chow down on that greasy, yet delicious three finger combo at Cane’s or treat yourself to one of Shafer’s many dessert options, VCU dining has you covered. After all, leaving Shafer with an ice cream cone is like tradition!


6. When you realized you spent all your “real” money at Chipotle

One of the advantages of VCU’s campus mixing with the city means that there are lots of restaurants in walking distance. This proximity makes it much harder to deny yourself the indulgence. You planned to stop at Chipotle just once this week, but uhh... How about once a day? After spending all of your money going out to eat, you remember you have swipes and a meal plan that means you won’t be hungry this week after all.


7. When you remembered Croutons was an option

VCU dining has plenty of quick, easy, delicious and not so healthy options, but it’s hard for most college students to maintain a steady diet of salt, sugar, carbs, grease and fat without feeling bad at some point or another. VCU dining had your back when you realized you hadn’t seen anything that looked like a vegetable in almost a month. A few trips to Croutons or the salad bar in Shafer are a great kick start to feeling better about yourself and your eating habits.


8. When Midnight Breakfast rolls around

Midnight Breakfast is strategically planned for the end of the semester when you really just need a break. It’s an event packed with socialization, fun and of course, food! The event includes an extensive buffet to fulfill all of your breakfast food fantasies. Best of all, it’s free for students without a meal plan.