8 Tattoo Artists You Need to Follow on Instagram

Let's talk about everyone's favorite type of art; tattoos. Do you ever find yourself wanting a new piece, or are just in the mood to browse and find out what you like? Then you need to follow these amazing tattoo artists on Instagram. Prepare to want to spend all of your money on some new ink.

1. Eva Krbdk @evakrbdk - Bang Bang Tattoo, New York City, New York

Specializing in fine lines and an exquisite blend of color in miniature pieces, Krdbk’s tattoos start at $400. Don’t be turned away just because of the price, though, because Krbdk’s tattoos are as close to perfect as you can get. She has beautifully copied famous paintings, movie stills, portraits and more on people’s bodies. She seems to have a large following of happy customers and she takes walk-ins! Head on over to Bang Bang in New York City if you’d like to get one for yourself, or just follow her on Instagram if you’d like to receive daily updates on her beautiful art.

2. Luca Font @lucafont - Built Strong Tattoo, Milan, Italy

Hello, stunning colourpop tattoos. Font’s style is like 1920s New York jazz poster meets Picasso painting. It’s a combination that you might not think works, but, trust me, it does. He pairs bold colors with fun, exaggerated and geometric designs. If you’re into tattoos that are truly unique, you need to check out Font’s work.

3. Alexander Perry @aperrytattooer - The Gentlemen Tattoos, Youngstown, Ohio

Probably the closest thing to “traditional” tattoos on this list, Alexander Perry specializes in gorgeous, thick black lines and bold colors. Many best know him for his faces, though. If you scroll through his Instagram feed, you’ll see why -- they have an exquisite retro vibe and attention to detail.

4. Pony Reinhardt Tattoo @freeorgy - Tenderfoot Sutdio, Portland, Oregon

If you like all black tattoos with extremely thin and precise lines, you need to check out @freeorgy. Well known for her intricate details that span across large pieces, you really have to zoom in and out with a careful eye to see every bit of it. She has a knack for spiritual and mythological pieces, too, so be on the lookout for those beauties!

5. Tim Skirven @timskirven - Incantation Tattoo, Asheville, North Carolina

A design artist creating work for brands, bands and everything in between, Skirven only recently began tattooing, but you would never guess it. His pieces are eclectic and gorgeously poetic, even though they rarely contain words. Also, a bonus - if you follow his account, not only will you see his bomb af tattoos, but his other amazing freelance work as well. Talk about artist’s paradise.

6. J.R. Fleming @jrflemingtattoo - East Grace Studios, Richmond, Virginia

Stick and poke lovers, J.R. Fleming is your guy. Although employed in Richmond, Virginia, Fleming seems to travel quite frequently, so keep up with him because he may take temporary residence at a tattoo parlor near you! The majority of his work is small to medium-sized singular pieces, rather than larger projects like sleeves, which is appealing to those who’d like a neat tattoo without the commitment to giving up a huge chunk of skin.

7. Rosemary Shackelford @rosemaryjane - Black Rabbit Tattoo, Richmond, Virginia

If you like cute things, you need to follow Rosemary Shackelford’s Instagram because it is absolutely filled to the brim with adorable artwork. The majority of her pieces are either of or inspired by animals, with particular attention to the small, fluffy and cuddly variety. She also tattoos at Virginia’s own all-female tattoo parlor, so you know she’s a bad*ss, too.

8. Jess Chen @__jesschen__ - Seven Eight Tattoo, Toronto, Canada

Perhaps the most “dainty” (for lack of a better word) tattoos on this list, Chen designs amazing pieces that often do not feature any outline. Her colors simply fade into the skin, adding subtle beauty wherever they’re placed. Her small flower tattoos are especially nice - they make the client look like they’ve had fresh flowers placed on them for a lifetime of safekeeping.

Well, what do you think? Are you hooked yet? Now that you've fallen in love with a bunch of beautiful artwork, it's time to save your pennies so you can actually get one tattoed on your body!

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