7 Types of Bags that Every College Girl Needs

When packing for college, one of the hardest parts was choosing what kind of bags to bring with me to use every day. In the end, I ended up over packing when it came to bags, but here are a couple of essentials for every girl.

1. Wallet Wristlet

(Vera Bradley, $54)

These are great for everyday use because they can easily fit into a backpack, but you can also just carry it when you don't have a bag. My favorite type is the ones that also have the ability to carry your phone because then everything you need is right there. The wallet is good for carrying your student ID, which you need all the time.

2. Small Duffel Bag

(Vera Bradley, $78)

A small duffel bag is great for the weekends when you're tired of staying in your dorm so you decide to go stay with your best friend her dorm instead. It is also good to have around when you decide that you need to go home for the weekend.

3. Sturdy Backpack

(JanSport, $48)

A sturdy backpack is good for all students since you need something to carry all your textbooks, laptops and notebooks around campus. You need something that will not only be able to handle the weight of all your school supplies but also something that is waterproof since you will be mostly walking to class. You'll want something that supports your back as well.

4. Small Crossbody

(Vera Bradley, $148)

A small crossbody bag is good for going shopping around the city as well as going out with friends. All your stuff is right there on your hip and since the bag is small, there is not an excessive amount of weight being placed on your shoulders.

5. Tote bag/Messenger Bag

(Vera Bradley, $86)

These are good when you are going to get groceries or even just bringing something along with you. These are also good for the days that you do not have that many classes and only need to carry a notebook and some pens.

6. Gym bag

(Nike, $50)

Gym bags come in all shapes in sizes. Those who go to the gym regularly may opt for an actual gym bag, but I like to use just a simple drawstring bag that I can throw the necessities in and go.     

7. Large purse

(Vera Bradley, $128)

A large purse is good for when you feel like looking more put together but still have to go to class. They are a great alternative to a large backpack when you only need a few things.

Now, continue on your packing journeys!