7 Thoughts You Have at the End of the Semester

Every year we tell ourselves that we will be a better version of ourselves than we were last semester. The new semester arrives and just like that - the end nears. It’s hard not to go a little crazy at the end of every semester. Figuring out how you’ll finesse the rest of the school year is all in the air. Here are seven thoughts we all have as the year ends:

1. When is the final? Is it cumulative or not?”:

You’ll find yourself wondering when the final actually is, even though you should’ve written it down in your planner weeks ago. You also may not even know if you have a final or not. Is it a final project or is it an actual final? Will you have to study what you learned the whole year or just whatever’s after the midterm? Oh the questions…

2. “Why didn’t I read those chapters?”:

At the beginning of the semester, you promised yourself you were going to read every chapter of the assigned readings in your textbook. You took the first quiz and did okay without actually reading, but now you’re 10 chapters behind. Oh boy…

3. “How bad can I do to pass the class?”:

This is one of those thoughts you get when you’re desperate. You’ve realized that you haven’t been giving the best effort and just want to know what score you need to get to just barely pass the class.

4. “I’ll just take the L.”

Sometimes you’re okay with taking a loss. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t even attempt to do it, whatever assignment it was and if you did, at least you gave it your best shot.

5. “Why did I even take this class?”

You read all the bad reviews on rate my professor, and yet you still chose that professors class. Your friends even told you not to take their class. Sometimes they were the only professor left to take. Now, you’re wondering why you voluntarily signed up for this nonsense.

6. “Maybe I’ll just withdraw…”

This might be one of the worst thoughts to have. You know you can still try, but who knows if going all the way to the end of the semester will be worth getting a horrible grade. Time to start looking for the withdraw deadline!

7. “It’ll all be over soon.”

This is a thought that we will all eventually have. Despite the freaking out and the late nights, the stressful times will pass. Break will come and we’ll be able to binge watch Netflix whenever we want again.

Even though being a college student seems like the best thing ever, there are definitely some rough times in store for everyone. Every student gets stressed out at the end of the semester, so realize it’s not just you. We all have these thoughts deep down. The best news is that the next semester will come soon again with a fresh start!

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