7 Finals Study Tips

Finals season is upon us, so it is important to keep calm and to continue studying as hard as you can. As well as the normal tips like too get plenty of sleep and eat healthy breakfasts, you should also be studying as much as you can without jeopardizing your own mental health. So as this stressful season commences, here are some tips on how to get the grade that you want on your finals.

1. Create a master to-do list.

A great way to keep yourself on track is to make a master to-do list that categorizes each of the classes in which you have an exam. Inside each of the categories is a breakdown of exactly what you need to cover for the specific exam to make sure you cover everything you need to.

2. Identify the format of the exam.

Identifying the format of the exam whether it be multiple choice, short answer, true or false or essay can be very important to the way you study for the exam. Different format types require different types of attention to detail so make sure you figure out ahead of time what kind of exam you will be taking.

3. Review old tests.

Go over all your old tests for the material that will be on the exam so you can figure out your weak links. Once you find those weak links, you can get some help from a tutor or your professor to better understand those specific problems.

4. Draw it out.

Mind maps can really help you break down specific topics. They can help you visualize concepts better while improving your memory and prioritizing information. Mind maps can also really help make the connections between ideas that were confusing to you before.

5. Explain it out loud.

Explaining the content to an empty room can really help you to learn the content yourself. This is an active study technique that helps the information ingrain itself into your brain. If you are able to simply explain the concept to someone who has never heard it before and they can understand it then you know what you are doing, if not you need to go back and reevaluate what you are teaching.

6. Form a study group.

If you have enough time before your exam, a study group can be one of the best things to help you learn the material. Study groups are very beneficial to you because they allow differing opinions on topics and how to go about understanding them. They also allow for the student teaching aspect that can be beneficial for everyone in the group.

7. Quiz yourself.

Many times professors will link practice exams and quizzes on their Blackboard where students can practice the material and get a general idea of what type of exam questions that will be asked. You can also make quizzes on different platforms like Quizlet, or if you are taking a statewide exam you can look up old exams from previous years to study.

Use these tips to help you ace your finals, even in your toughest of classes. As well as trying to get the best grade possible, do not forget to take care of yourself physically and mentally. Happy finals season!

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