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7 Alternatives to Attending Halloween Parties

In the event that you aren’t much of a partier, or you put off costume planning so long that it just never happened, here are seven other ways you can squander your time and still become fully immersed in the holiday celebration.

1. Take a little sibling trick or treating

Step one: Smile kindly, hold their hand as they cross the street and coax them to say thank you at every door.

Step two: Steal all of their candy the minute you get back home.

2. Have a horror movie marathon

For your own safety, invite over a friend. When you get freaked out to the point of crying you can take comfort in the fact that you have a human shield.

3. Take care of your friends who did go to a Halloween party and possibly now wish they didn’t.

You now have the upper hand and the opportunity to make fun of them all you want.

4. Watch every Halloween themed movie you can get your hands on

Preferably childhood favorites (from Hocus Pocus to Harry Potter), that way when it’s over you can kill time crying about your lost youth.

5. Host your own solo Halloween party

Buy mass amounts of candy at the store and eat it alone in your room. Build structures out of the growing piles of wrappers, consider your own mortality and disregard any burgeoning sense of shame for extreme pride. Look how much candy you ate—take pics, your friends will be impressed.

6. Go to The Rocky Horror Picture Show

VCU arts is putting on The Rocky Horror Show this October and November. Halloween night will feature a midnight performance. You can buy tickets online at vcutheatre.showclix.com.

7. Reminisce on the cool costume you could have worn.

There’s always next year.


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