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6 Ways to Regain Motivation After Spring Break

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Have you caught yourself daydreaming in the library, not realizing how much time has passed? Or what about that deadline you have for an assignment and you still can’t find the motivation to do it? Trust me, especially after spring break, it’s so difficult to get back into the groove again. So here are some ways to push through and make the most out of the rest of the semester!

1. Be around your friends.

Sitting locked up in your room all day isn’t the best way for your mind to get inspiration. Sometimes, you need inspiration from people around you – and the best way to do that is spend time with your friends! It doesn’t have to be for hours, but any time you find a break in your schedule, text a friend and see if they can get food with you. And who knows, you and your friend can definitely bond trying to get that inspiration back!

2. Change up your study place.

Okay, obviously, James Cabell Library is the best place to study on campus, but sometimes if you are always going to one place for a long period of time, it can start to feel repetitive and boring. So try to change it up! For example, instead of going to the library or your apartment (because studying on your bed can make you sleepy), maybe start studying at the Academic Learning Center (MCALC). Although seats are very limited there, if you are lucky, you can definitely find a quiet place to be productive. Barnes and Noble at VCU is another great option. There is an entire area filled with tables and chairs and it’s also relatively quiet.

3. Do some activities outside.

Since Richmond has terrible bipolar weather, on the days it’s nice outside, try to go for a jog or walk outside. Although it’s not the spring weather we want just yet, being outside can really help your mind trigger the reset button. That way when you come back, you feel more energized and inspired to get work done.

4. Try new places to eat

I know this sounds kind of strange, but if you are anything like me, food is the best incentive to anything. This week, I recently tried food at Tropical Smoothie for the first time and for some reason, doing something new felt like I was accomplishing something. Don’t forget to think of the little things because an accumulation of those can create the best type of motivation you need.

5. Plan for the future

Sometimes, if I’m stuck in a mind-block, I like to plan fun things that I should look forward to in the upcoming months. Maybe there’s a summer trip you are looking forward to, or a show that you can be excited about (S/O to any “New Girl” fans) and even something as simple as your online shopping haul getting shipped soon. Take those things and use them to fuel back your motivation as something you can look forward to.

6. Treat yourself.

After a long day of studying and other activities, it feels nice to take a moment and reward yourself for getting through the day. Some ways I like to reward myself are by watching a movie before sleeping, getting cookies from Red Eye Cookies (I do that too much) or even just putting on a simple face mask. Just pamper yourself with some candles or music! Be proud of all of the work you have accomplished because you deserve it!

Remember, it’s halfway through the semester and there are just a couple more weeks to go until summer! Push through, and let your inspiration lead you to accomplish your goals before the summer starts. You got this!

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Gargi is currently part time editorial team member at Her Campus as a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her hobbies include drawing, blogging and painting. You would most likely catch Gargi eating Panera and binge watching to New Girl or Once Upon A Time. Although she is a biology major, she find writing inspiring and a way to express feelings that she can't say in person. She sees herself working in the Public Health field in the future.
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