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6 Ways to Feel Better After a Breakup

We’ve all heard that dreadful cliché line, “I think we should see other people.” You saw this coming. He sent you hints. But then why does it hurt so much? Here are some ways to mend that heart and to get you feeling like you again.

1. Hang out with friends.

Surrounding yourself with people who will listen, or just sit there in silence with you, helps you mentally. Talking about how you feel will make you feel better. 

2. Change your hair.

I know this one might sound silly, but it seems to work with me. When you change your look, you’ll feel like a new person. So go crazy, add some color, cut it short, or just style it differently. 

3. Do things that make you happy.

Remember the things you liked to do before you met your ex, the things that you pushed aside to spend more time with him. Bring them back into your life. When you start getting back into yourself, you’ll learn that’s the number one relationship in your life.

4. Help others.

Giving your time to people who actually need it will make you feel much better. You realize that there are much bigger problems in the world. And that one ex won’t change the course of history. 

5. Relieve your stress.

Spend some time relieve that stress and pent up anger. Yoga, meditation and exercise are great ways to relieve stress. Here are some other ways you can look at.

6. Mourn.

It’s very important to give yourself time to feel sorry for yourself. Don’t dwell on it for a long period of time, but it’s okay to cry. I think sometimes we forget that crying isn’t a sign of weakness. Crying is a cleanse. Afterwards you can wipe away all the bad memories and move forward. 

It’s okay to be single.  And look at it this way, now you won’t feel bad for eating that extra slice of pizza. Rock on sista!

Casey is a Senior at Virginia Commonwealth University studying broadcast journalism with a minor in general business.
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