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6 Superb Spotify Tricks You May Not Know Exist

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

I use Spotify to listen to music, and there are many unique features available, so I thought I would compile a list of my favorites: 

Private Playlists

You can control which playlists you display on your profile. This is convenient because sometimes playlists can be personal, and you don’t want anyone else to view them. You can make playlists public or private at any time you choose. 


You can now read along to any song on Spotify with its lyric feature. Whether you want to do karaoke or are simply curious as to what the lyrics to a song are, you can now access them right on Spotify. 

Blend Playlists

One of the newest features on Spotify is blend playlists. If you are friends with someone on the platform you can now create a blend playlist where it combines your favorite songs into one shared playlist. This helps you get to know what your friend’s music taste consists of and exposes you to new music someone you know enjoys. I really like this feature as it helps me figure out what music to play when I am hanging out with different friends. 

Spotify Wrapped

Spotify is unique in that it allows users to see their data for weekly, monthly and yearly music listening. Many social media apps track this but Spotify makes a cute presentation at the end of every year and allows users to share it. Wrapped is cool because you get to see your top songs, artists, podcasts, etc. for each year and Spotify even creates a playlist with your top songs from the year to listen to at any point. This year’s Spotify wrapped just came out December first so if you haven’t already checked yours out go do so!

Friend Activity

Spotify allows you to see what your friends are listening to currently or the last song they listened to in Spotify on public mode. I don’t always remember to look at this, but when I do it is fun to see what my friends are listening to. You can use this to start conversations, get exposed to new music, or just stalk your friends’ listening habits. 

Privacy Mode

If you want to be mysterious and don’t want anyone to know what you are listening to, you can set your account to private. When in this mode, none of your friends can see what you are listening to. Music can be something very personal to people and this mode lets users keep their listening private.

Collaborative Playlists 

You can create a playlist and invite others to add songs to it. This is a fun thing to do with your friends in preparation for an event where you want everyone’s music taste to be featured. 

I hope you try something from this list or go explore further in the app since I did not cover every single trick available. If you do not already use Spotify, I would totally recommend it. It is worth getting premium to use these cool features. Happy listening!

Maddie Quigley is a political science major with a minor in media studies. She is a vegetarian, plant-lover, avid reader and she enjoys talking politics.