6 Stages of Writer's Block Told by Nick Miller

Being a writer is invigorating and freeing. Sitting down and creating a piece that means something to you that you know can have an impact on people is one of the best feelings. Sometimes, however, being a writer challenges you in ways that you’re not always prepared for. One of the biggest challenges every writer faces hundreds of times within their career is the dreaded writer’s block.  


1. Denial

The first stage of writer’s block is denying the fact that you actually have writer’s block. This stage consists of a lot of looking back at your notebook of ideas and reading articles that might ignite some inspiration. You might even begin writing an article that you know in the back of your mind isn’t actually going anywhere.


2. Perseverance

During this stage, you’ll crumple up dozens of pieces of paper and hit the backspace button a record number of times a minute. You know that you can do it but you haven’t taken any time to recharge. Perseverance is good, but not yet.


3. Frustration

Every writer deals with this stage differently. Some of us cry, sleep, eat and/or scream. When you’re done throwing a temper tantrum caused by a momentary lapse in creativity, it’s time to move on to the most important stage.  


4. Surrender

You have to let yourself give in to the mental whirlwind that you just went through. Take a nap, watch some mindless television, read a book, hang out with your pet and then get back to it. Allow yourself to recharge.


5. Acceptance

After you’ve sifted through all of your story ideas and attempted to run with one or two of them, you’ve finally decided that it’s time to move on. Detach yourself from your original ideas that just aren’t going anywhere and find it within yourself to start fresh.


6. Revival

After taking a much-needed break from the real world, you’re ready to combat this issue head on. Take what inspiration you have to keep you moving forward and crank out a piece that you can be proud of and use for inspiration when this problem arises again. 

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