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6 Songs to Listen to on Valentine’s Day If You’re Single AF

The season of love is upon us. Though some of us do not have a significant other to spend Valentine’s Day Weekend with, you always have yourself and self-love hits like no other!

Here are six songs to listen to during this time of the year that will remind you that you don’t need anyone but yourself!

Truth Hurts” by Lizzo 

By now, everyone knows almost every word to this song by heart. Lizzo writes music for you to scream in the shower, on a late-night car ride, or while getting ready for a girls night out. This song will remind you that you do not need anyone because, as Lizzo said, you are “100% that b*tch.”

Needed Me” by Rihanna 

Rihanna has been an icon for many years; people have looked up to her because her music makes them feel good about themselves. Needed Me, as the title says, will make you feel strong. It will give you a bit of confidence that you may be missing and remind you that you do not need anyone. If anything, they need you! 

Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande 

In 2019 Ariana Grande released the song “Thank You, Next,” which is more than just a breakup song; it’s a self-love anthem. When Ariana sings, “Cus, I met someone else. We havin’ better discussions. But this one gon’ last. ‘Cause her name is Ari. And I’m so good with that” she is telling you that your relationship with yourself will last longer than any other and to be honest who needs someone else when you have your own back?

Hot Girl Summer” by Megan Thee Stallion

Hot girl summer may be over, but it is a hot girl year and that won’t be ending anytime soon! This song will pretty much force you to sing out loud as you remember that you are that girl that no one can handle and even if someone can, they don’t need to because you are good on your own!

Since U Been Gone” by Kelly Clarkson 

This one is a classic; everyone knows this song and loves to sing it with their girlfriends in the car. Kelly tells you that, on many occasions, being without your significant other is freeing. It will allow you to “breathe for the first time.” Honestly, no one wants to be stuck with a person who makes you feel like you can’t breathe. Blast this one on full volume and remind yourself of how great you are!

Forget You” by CeeLo Green 

Last but definitely not least: Forget You. The instrumentals and background vocals of this song will put you in a good mood and make your bones move to the beat. CeeLo Green, combined with the background vocals of this song, will remind you to say bye-bye to anyone who is wasting your time while also dancing to good music.

Regardless of if you are spending the day with a significant other, with Galentines or with your awesome feel-good music, it is always a great idea to blast it in the car, in the shower or while getting ready! Now you are all set and ready to spend this Valentine’s Day loving yourself and blasting good songs all day long!

Fran Ramos is a VCU student where she is majoring in Public Relations. She spends most of her time trying new Pho restaurants with her friends or listening to music. She is a mom to three cats, Lorenzo, Teresa and Oswald and loves to spam her social media followers with pictures of them.
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