6 Signs You're a Shy Extrovert

People usually assume that being extroverted means being extremely outgoing and always being surrounded by people. But what if you’re not exactly outgoing, but more of a shy extrovert? Hearing the words “shy extrovert” probably sounds like the biggest oxymoron ever, but I promise that it is a real thing.

1. You’ve probably mistaken yourself as an introvert or ambivert

Shy extroverts probably mistake themselves for introverts or ambiverts because they often get nervous in social situations. There are so many misconceptions about what it actually means to be an extrovert or introvert, and it’s hard to discover what you really are.

2. Everyone gives you a weird look when you say that you’re a shy extrovert.

Yes, I know it sounds weird. I promise it’s a real thing. Just listen, it makes sense okay? I like being around people, but I get nervous at the same time, it’s just...ugh.

3. You love being around people but you don’t necessarily like being the center of attention.

Yes, please talk to me but no please don’t focus on me.

4. You hate yourself for getting so nervous around people because you want to interact but you’re just too shy.

Always wanting to go to events and meet new people but you get scared and then hate yourself because you don’t know if you should go so you just sit in self-loathing.

5. When you try to introduce yourself as an extrovert your friends will probably squint at you and tell everyone you’re lying.

Yes, I am an extrovert, I’m just SHY okay?! Maybe you don’t even know me after all.

6. Trying to explain it to someone makes no sense.

So like, I like going out to things and talking to people but I also don’t like going out to things and talking to people. It just, ugh. 

Can you relate to the struggles of being a shy extrovert? It certainly is an experience!