6 Signs That You're the Mom of the Friend Group

Every friend has a “mom” in the friend group. The “mom” of the friend group is always the most protective one and makes sure that you are okay when your actual mother isn’t around. If it weren’t for the “mom” of the friend group, every single friend group would be practically insane and all over the place. If you are wondering who the “mom of your friend group is, here are six signs:

1. You are never as drunk as everyone else

It may not be intentional, but it seems like the second that you go out with your friends, everyone is instantly drunk while you’re on your third sip of alcohol completely confused as to how everyone is 10 times more drunk than you are.

2. You always give motivational speeches to your crying drunk friends

Are you even at a party unless your best friend starts drunk crying because Chad from Theta Apple Pie started making out with another girl? That’s when the mom in you takes over, and you have to give a motivational speech to your best friend about how she deserves so much better than a stupid frat boy.

3. You make sure everyone is together at all times

You should never leave your friends behind at any sort of party. However, once you get a little under the influence it’s easy to get a little side tracked and lose touch with your friends. The mom of the friend group makes sure no one gets left behind and that you all drunkenly walk home together.

4. You get extremely weary if you see your friends make a questionable decision

The mom of the friend group makes sure that everyone is okay and makes sure that no one is making stupid decisions. You cringe and say "bless your heart," at some of your friend's life choices. 

5. Your phone is ALWAYS with you

It’s so easy for phones to die while you are out with friends. The mom of the friend group never leaves the house without a fully charged phone to make sure everyone is set for an Uber ride home. You also carry a portable charger and let your friends borrow it no questions asked. 

6. You’re just the opposite of a typical college student

Tequila Tuesday? Thirsty Thursday? How about spend a Tuesday night watching Netflix while simultaneously studying for a biology final? Sounds like a fun night for the mom of the friend group.

Frankly, there’s nothing wrong with being the “mom” of the friend group. You always have your friend’s backs and are very mature for such a young age. Everyone needs a mom in their friend group, so being one is pretty special. 

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