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6 Shows to Watch When You’re Having a Bad Day

We all have bad days, and for me personally, I seem to get them a lot during the middle of the semester when there’s always a test every week, frequent all nighters and unlimited amounts of coffee. To get myself out of the rut, I like to make some time for myself and watch a couple of my favorite TV shows to cheer myself up. So, here are my go-to TV shows that I like to watch when I’m having a bad day:

1. “The Office”

I’ve heard two-sided opinions about The Office; it’s either you love it or you don’t. But I absolutely LOVE this show. The quirky sarcastic humor that is in every episode is literally what gives me something to laugh about throughout the day. The setting of an average paper company with a super crazy boss, Michael Scott, is a great way to bring your humor back.

2. “Friends”

I remember those days when I’d be sitting with a bunch of my friends and they would be bouncing around “Friends” references and I’d sit there, pretending to laugh and understand what was going on. But four years later, ya girl is thriving! I cannot believe I did not start this show until 2018, and I’ve never been so excited to come back after a long day of classes and watch Joey say stupid things or try to understand Pheobe’s personality.

3. “New Girl”

If you haven’t watched “New Girl”, what are you doing?! This has been my go-to show for as long as I can remember. It’s so lighthearted and funny that it is bound to turn your frown upside down at the end of an episode. So many relatable scenarios with Jess and Cece will make you realize you’re not the only one with bad days! As Schmidt would say, “The economy stinks, bees are dying and movies are pretty much sequels now”.

4. “Jane the Virgin”

To be honest, I have not caught up with this show because sadly only season 1 and 2 are on Netflix. But there’s nothing wrong with rewatching them! Just watching Jane handle everything that life throws at her encourages me to be confident just like her. I definitely picked up her habit of making lists and it actually makes me feel a LOT better! The telenovela feel, the jokes, and the suspense really adds spice to your life.



5. “Rick and Morty”

I never thought I’d say that but I save Rick and Morty for the days I’m VERY desperate for a good laugh. If you haven’t heard of Rick and Morty, I would describe it as an adult cartoon comedy. It shows the adventures of a grandpa and his grandson traveling through dimensions and saving the day. I’m going to warn you though, this show does have weird and disgusting things, but I PROMISE it will make you laugh about it later.

6. “Modern Family”

I have to admit, I’M SO SAD JOE HAD TO GROW UP. But it’s okay, because having a funny and crazy, yet happy family definitely puts a smile on my face. Every character has something unique about them, which is why it makes this show so enjoyable to watch. On a side note, I’m definitely a huge fan of Phil and Claires’ relationship!


At the end of the day, just know that everyone has bad days and everyone handles them differently. Hopefully watching these funny TV shows can make your day a little better. Keep smiling! You got this!

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Gargi is currently part time editorial team member at Her Campus as a sophomore at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her hobbies include drawing, blogging and painting. You would most likely catch Gargi eating Panera and binge watching to New Girl or Once Upon A Time. Although she is a biology major, she find writing inspiring and a way to express feelings that she can't say in person. She sees herself working in the Public Health field in the future.
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