6 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix During Spring Break

Spring Break is almost here and that means more time to spend on guilt-free binging sessions! Her Campus has compiled six shows that you can lose yourself in during break.

1. Lost

If you want to watch a show that gives you an immersive, forget-that-there-is-an-outside-world experience, this is it. Plane crash survivors find themselves on an island where strange things start occuring. A science fiction show that really focuses on the characters, you can really become invested in their journey. As a hardcore Lostie, I can’t really explain it, you just have to experience it. Caution: You may have a serious case of withdrawal when the show ends.

2. American Horror Story

This show is the perfect blend of campy and creepy. Framed in an anthology format, all of the seasons feature different storylines but they all have one thing in common -- they are placed in horror-filled locations: a haunted house, an asylum and a coven. I would watch this show alone for Jessica Lange -- she is perfection. Two out of the three seasons of American Horror Story are on Netflix so you can catch up with the latest season Coven.

3. Dollhouse

Starring Elisha Dushku (Bring It On), this show centers around a company running underground businesses called “Dollhouses” that hire out people called “dolls” to carry out their clients fantasies (some get really twisted). The firms wipe out the memory of a person and then temporarily inserts the personality a client wants. Action-packed and dealing with some really interesting questions about identity and free-will, this show is both entertaining and thought provoking.

4. Misfits

This British science fiction show revolves around a motley crew of  young people who are serving out their sentences in a community service program and suddenly gain superpowers after a freak storm. Gritty, funny and unapologetically vulgar, the show is entertaining. The great thing about a lot of British television shows are the short seasons -- the Misfits seasons are typically five to eight episodes long. You can finish these pretty quickly if you watch it marathon style.

5. Parks and Recreation

A brilliant cast with Amy Poehler starring as the as the enthused and optimistic Leslie Knope. Filmed in format that resembles the documentary style used in The Office, the show features the antics and shennigans of  Parks & Recreations department staff.  This show is extremely funny and the writing is fantastic. You really get to know the characters and see them develop over the five seasons. This is a great show if you want to watch a well-written comedic show with a lot of heart.

6. House of Cards

A dark political drama with Kevin Spacey playing the diabolical and polemical mastermind, Frank Underwood. Spacey is a fun to watch as he topples political figures on his revenge tinged climb to the top.


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