6 Best Shows to Binge on Hulu

I'm keeping this intro short and sweet—unlike the hours you’re about to spend binge-watching shows after you finish this article. All I know is that sometimes I can’t do Netflix, do you know what I mean? Sometimes I log on and shows are just gone (RIP) which leads me to Hulu (my favorite). As an avid self-proclaimed TV connoisseur, I made a list of all types of shows on Hulu that you have to rewatch (or start) and binge this semester when you are procrastinating doing your homework. 


  1. 1. How I Met Your Mother

    I know all of you have at least heard of, if not already watched, “How I Met Your Mother” (HIMYM). It’s nine straight seasons of pure comedy. It follows a group of friends living their late 20s in the heart of New York City. HIMYM has some of the weirdest but entertaining episodes I’ve ever watched. It is one of my absolute favorite shows to date because it never fails to make me laugh out of its sheer weirdness. I promise its worth the time, especially if you’re in need of a laugh.

  2. 2. The Bold Type

    Have you ever dreamed of you and your best friends working and living together in the big apple? Well, “The Bold Type” fulfills all your dreams and more. The show documents the lives of three millennial best friends who work and simultaneously live together in New York City at a female-focused magazine. Everything from the sets to the clothes to the actors is so on point with whatever you were dreaming about earlier. This show is the living definition of girl boss and is one I hope they don’t stop making it any time soon.

  3. 3. Law & Order: SVU

    21 seasons. 21. Twenty-one. Sorry, I just had to get that out of the way. 21 seasons later and SVU is still going strong. I’m not surprised though because from the beginning, Law and Order: SVU had me and millions of others hooked on every single episode. If for some reason you never knew what the internet was until this post, "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" follows a police unit in Manhattan specially designed to take on cases regarding sexual assault, domestic violence and cases involving minors. If you haven’t seen this show, I’m begging you, take my Hulu password and do yourself a favor and go watch this now (like right now).

  4. 4. A Million Little Things 

    Chances are you haven’t heard of this show because it's relatively new, but it is insanely good; possibly even life-changing. "A Million Little Things" follows a group of best friends who’ve lost one of their friends to an abrupt suicide and traces the reasons for his suicide along with his mental health. This leads to several different obstacles in the lives of their group. I absolutely love everything about this show because it is so real and applicable yet funny and relatable, which makes it highly recommended in my book. (Disclaimer: some of the material may be triggering to certain viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.)

  5. 5. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    One of my all-time faves, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” breaks the mold of a stereotypical cop show by being a comedy that is centered around detective's lives that work in Brooklyn’s 99th precinct. If you don’t like cop shows, don’t worry, I’d say this is the exact opposite. Six seasons in and the show is better than ever, because all they do is focus on the comedic aspects of the characters lives, instead of the actual cases and serious detective work that most cop and detective shows focus on. Just think “How I Met Your Mother” but with police (and possibly on steroids). 

  6. 6. Black-ish

    Last but not least, one of the best shows to ever exist: ABC’s “Black-ish”. On their sixth season, the show has shattered every stereotype related to black TV and if you haven’t heard of it, you’re missing out. The show follows a black family living in a well off neighborhood in LA and their consistent struggles between their LA life and their African roots, but in a funny way, ya feel? This is probably my absolute must watch and I would probably (no, definitely) die without it⁠⁠—not exaggerating whatsoever. Shoutout to Kenya Barris for giving me a show that my family and I can actually watch without arguing because it’s just that good. 

If you made it this far without shutting down this article and running to Hulu, I am really (really) proud. No, really, I would’ve been gone after just skimming this, so kudos to you. I hope that I gave you some great ideas as to what to rewatch, or maybe some new ideas as to how to put off homework. In that case, my job is done and it’s my turn to go procrastinate and binge-watch something (as long as I’m not doing homework, that’s all that matters).