5 Ways to Maintain Your Health

It’s that time of year again. As the temperature gets cooler and it gets dark outside quicker, you’re bound to catch something while moving out and about, staying so busy. It’s a trap, as your schedule gets busier those around you start to feel it as well, and for months it’s a constant cycle of sickness that cannot be broken. Growing up and still now, I seemed to have always have a low immune system. Before college, I stayed busy in school, along with having jobs at my old dance studio and the YMCA working with kids. Now, I still stay just as busy and sometimes I cannot seem to catch a break. My grandmother and mother are luckily well versed in “old school” remedies, advice and products to always keep stocked up on when I start to feel a little under the weather. Now I'm sharing their advice and secrets with you!

1. Rest 

Seems self explanatory to rest when you’re sick, but to me, this is the absolute hardest part. It seems as though when you catch a cold or anything worse that it always comes at that point in time where you are at your busiest and slowing down seems impossible. I will say though, it is extremely necessary and will really allow your recovery to speed up tremendously so that you can be right back on your feet.

2. Throat-Coat tea

This tea is magical. I always live by the basic green tea with honey when I’m sick, but when my roommate introduced me to this stuff, it changed the game forever. When you have that pre-cold feeling or feel a sore throat coming on, drink a cup of this before bed and you’ll wake up feeling so refreshed. You can purchase this at most local grocery stores. I always rely on Kroger to have it for sure.

3. Honey and lemon juice

Whenever I start to feel low, this is something that I can always rely on. My grandma and mom live by this! All you do is simply add a few drops of honey to a spoonful of lemon juice, drink it and let it sink in. It has a bittersweet taste, but with it being such a small amount, it doesn’t even taste bad at all. My grandma claims to drink a spoonful every morning with her breakfast and that is solely why at her age, her immune system is pretty great. It doesn’t quite focus on a particular symptom you may be feeling, just your immunity over all.

4. Vicks Vapor Rub

As a child, this product got the most advertising in my household from my mom. I have to admit, it really gets me through any sickness these days, quick and easy and always super reliable. A college students dream! This product comes in either a small or medium sized jar, you simply lather it on the neck area, more specifically the glands, wrap a towel around it to let it soak and do not wash it off until you wake up. This product opens up sinus’ tremendously and allows me to sleep super soundly at night even when I feel at my worst. Pair this up with the correct dosage of Nyquil, and you will have the best sick sleep you can imagine.

5. Hydration

The key to everything! On a daily basis, you should consume water throughout the day to stay refreshed and energized. But it is extremely easy to forget this, especially when you’re feeling under the weather. As an easy reminder, I do not go anywhere without my Swell water bottle. Carrying it around naturally allows me to keep it filled up as I’m moving around within my day. On any day and especially during this time of year, keep a water bottle with you at all times, so you remember. For an additional boost and if you're craving some flavor, adding lemon slices to your water is a great idea! 

These five tips are super simple and are great ways to maintain your health around this time of year. Even when you're at your busiest, always remember that your mental and physical health comes first! 

Photo credits: Cover Photo, all other photos by author