5 Ways to Be Proactive

With fall semester in full-swing, it can be easy to get swept into the routine of things. It may also be inevitable to feel a bit overwhelmed with new responsibilities, new classes and new expectations.  Therefore, it is important to set up a method of action for yourself that will enable you to conquer this semester and the next! To learn how to avoid ending up in a state of disarray, here are five things that you can do to avoid falling into the all too familiar pit of procrastination:

1. Make A To-Do List:

I can say from personal experience, when there are multiple tasks that come my way (extra curricular activities, homework, projects, etc.) I can become easily overwhelmed with all of my responsibilities, causing me to experience anxiety that could prolong me from completing my tasks.  

To prevent this, I made a commitment to myself to make a to-do list and continue to keep a log of my daily responsibilities. After listing them out, I will then rank these tasks A, B, or C: A, ranking tasks that are most urgent, B, meaning tasks that do not need to be completed right away but are still important and finally, C - responsibilities that do not need to be completed immediately, but I should still keep in the back of my mind.


2. Use Your Calendar 

This is another system that I am learning to get used to and it has already helped me tremendously.  Instead of constantly referring back to Facebook groups, text messages or emails, I refer to my new visual aid - the calendar app on my phone.  

Immediately upon getting new information, I simply make a point of logging the date, time, and event into my phone, that way, it is a lot harder for me to lose track of events that I need to attend, due dates for projects and much more.



3. ACTUALLY Use a Planner

I have made a commitment to myself that instead of keeping a mental log of my assignments, I will write them down according to date and subject. It seems like a no-brainer, but I'm sure that there might be some reading this who may have needed the extra push to be motivated and keep an organized frame of mind for the upcoming semester.


4. Make Time For Yourself

Academic responsibilities aside, it is also important to make time for yourself, and to tend to your own needs. Let your body tell you what it needs - whether it be sleep, food or time for social activities.  With whatever extra time you may be granted this upcoming semester, make sure to dedicate it back to yourself! Thank your body and your mind for being able to handle all of the tasks and responsibilities that life has thrown at you thus far!



5. Stay Positive! 

It can also be easy for us to set unrealistic goals for ourselves, which can lead us to being hard on ourselves, and can stunt the growth of our never-ending journey to self-improvement. Instead, it's easier to take our resolutions on a day-by-day basis, and allowing us room to slip up, or have "off" days. What matters the most is that the effort is there, and that you have a positive attitude and a new goal that you are determined to accomplish! YOU'VE GOT THIS!

If you are able to follow just one of these simple tasks, I promise that you will feel more confident going into the semester! Remember that change doesn't happen overnight, and as long as you continue to work on yourself and to organize your tasks to prevent any extra stress, I promise that everything else will become a little bit easier. Now get out there and have a great fall semester!