5 Thoughts and Predictions You Have When Going Home for Thanksgiving Break

Well, it appears that we have approached that time in the semester, the official second-to-last break before the BIG one (winter break, that is). The break with tons of food, friends and good times all around.

Thanksgiving Break!

Much like any holiday break where most of us go home to visit our loved ones, it is not uncommon to have a set list of predictions or expectations of your family members and/or household. Out of the many predicable but unique home experiences we all have, it may be safe to say we can all agree on these:

1. You really missed your pet

For most of us, this is the highlight of out time spent back home. We can to hang out with our best pals and show them we haven't forgotten about them after these past few months. We no longer have to longingly look at pictures of them sleeping, or pictures of them wearing a costume on Halloween. We get to actually PET THEM. That thought in itself is revolutionary. The best part? Knowing that the feeling is 110 percent mutual.

2. You Have to Plan Time for Friends

Besides seeing family, the next most important thing for most of us is reuniting with friends from home. It's always great to catch up on what's happening with each other's lives inside of school and out, and to relive old high school memories that are somewhat cringe-worthy but hilarious at the same time. It's fun to think about those times once you've been long removed from them. 

3. Get Ready for Questions about School

Of course, the most unavoidable question. The infamous, "how's school going?"

For a college student, there's not really a straightforward answer to this question. So, in order to save time and confusion from family members who may have forgotten the college struggle, it's always a good idea to summarize with a quick, "it's okay!" or something to ease their conscience. While it is true that college is amazing, sometimes it's just so fast-paced that we forget how to condense it into something short and sweet.

4. Family Members Forget You're an Adult Now

Sometimes, it can be so easy for parents and family members to always see you as a child; don't blame them, that's just how it is. Now, sometimes this has perks, and other times it can be a little frustrating. Either way, it just confirms that your family loves you and cares for your wellbeing. So next time mom or dad ask you if you need anything, or want to do something for you, let them. It's their way of showing you how much they care, and how much they miss you being home deep-down. So soak it in while you can!

5. You Feel an Overwhelming Sense of Relief

They call it Thanksgiving "break" for a reason! While some of us still have work over break, try not to work too hard! Take some time for yourself, do things that make you happy. Self care, reading, watching a movie or hanging out with friends, are just a few things that you can do to unwind. This holiday break, be sure to find some time to yourself, whether it's a few hours or a whole day. You put in a lot of work this semester, you deserve it!

Whatever you may anticipate this thanksgiving break, just make sure it's one with lots of love and food!

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