5 Things You Should Do Next Time Conflict Arises

We’ve all felt like our emotions have gotten the best of us. There are even days where I just feel like the universe is out to get me and is setting my life up for every worst possible outcome to occur. Dealing with my emotions when situations out of my control are getting the best of me is one of the greatest hardships people like myself go through. Knowing how to deal with anger and other emotions isn’t a skill that is regularly taught, but knowing how to manage those emotions when you sense a problem or conflict brewing can be one of the greatest lessons to carry along with yourself.

1. Simply take a walk

Taking a walk is one of the greatest, yet underrated activities to do whenever I can feel my mind roam. Go to your favorite hiking spot, or just put on your walking shoes and make your way out of your front door. You don’t even need a destination. Put some headphones in, maybe even bring a camera if you’re going somewhere pretty, and have fun. It’s a great way to keep yourself grounded. You could even bring a friend with you if you want someone to talk to about whatever you're currently going through. 

2. Exercise

Exercising is one of the greatest ways to channel your anger into something productive. I love running outside (when the weather calls for it), with my headphones in, and music on full volume. Doing this really clears up a cluttered mind, and can get you in a good head space so you are able to think of great ways to tackle the conflict that's coming your way.

3. Draw/paint

Create your own art. Even if you don’t regularly do it, even if you “suck at it.” Sit yourself down with a piece of paper and allow yourself to doodle whatever you’re feeling onto it. You might even learn something about yourself in the long run. If drawing isn't your forte, you could also get a coloring book. It's one of the best ways to de-stress, and you might even create something beautiful if you can manage to stay in the lines. I like to keep my own sketchbook at hand on my desk, and sometimes I even carry it around just so that I can doodle whenever I want to clear my head. 

4. Type/write out your feelings

Personally, in times of distress, I can't clearly access the thoughts in my head until I write them out. I use this method as a last resort, but it has always reigned as the most efficient. Typing/writing out my thoughts have saved me from a lot, it honestly gives you the same relief as talking to someone does. It also gives you can outline of what’s going on in your head. When typing your feelings, don’t be hard too on yourself. Let whatever you’re thinking flow, and fix it later. Then after your done, read it. Whenever you see a negative thought, write a positive/uplifting note beside it. Another great thing about this is that you can do this anywhere, especially if you're a college student. Open a Google doc, and type away. It's for you only, and you're free to say to get whatever it is off of your chest. You might even realize that it's not that bad of a situation after all. 

5. Stay calm

No matter how stressed you may become about a situation, it'll only cause harm for yourself. There's many calming exercises that you can do. Whatever you’re dealing with, your emotions and valid and you will get through it. 

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