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5 Things You Need to Know Before Adopting a Cat

Let me just start off by saying that I was not prepared to be a cat mom to the extent that I thought I was. I binge-watched cat videos on Facebook and consulted my friends who owned cats, but none of it truly prepared me for the reality of owning a cat. I want to stress the following items to those of you planning on getting a new furry family member.

1. The Zoomies

The myth is real! Your cat, especially if they are an indoor only cat, will have intense moments when all of their pent up predatory energy is let out – usually on your belongings. Your blinds will be destroyed, the cat nip, if not hidden well, will be pillaged and all things free-standing on surfaces will promptly be knocked off as your furry buddy runs at lightspeed through your room. Imagine having Usain Bolt as a toddler. That’s pretty much it.


2. The litter box

This portion is sh*tty. Litter-ally. Jokes aside, the idea that you have clean up poop is lot better than actually having to. Make sure to invest in quality kitty litter or you will wind up with unbelievable odor and doodoo that is impossible to scoop. Fancier litter is definitely worth the extra few dollars. Your cat will also thank you by taking more poos if the litter is comfy! Trust me, its all worth it when your kitty happily meows at you when his box is clean.


3. The cost

This is probably the thing of which I was least prepared. Your pet will nickel and dime you to death because the littlest supplies are needed every other minute. The more expensive litter, special food if you have a special kitty, food bowls that aren’t shallow, assorted toys to keep your cat from peeing on your music theory textbook to stay entertained. It’s okay — just an extra $150 I wasn’t ready to spend. Beware.


4. The claws

I am a very strong believer in not declawing cats. I believe that it is as inhumane as ripping off a human’s fingernails. I will never declaw my kitty. However, I wasn’t prepared for constantly looking like I got into a fist fight with a box cutter. Because my cat is still in his kitty years, he loves to attack my hands and claw them to actual death. Don’t get me wrong, it’s adorable, just prepare for some new piercings.


5. The hair

Now, I was prepared to deal with the excessive amount of hair all over my clothing and furniture. However, I was not prepared for when I am fresh out of the shower and my kitty decides to rub himself all over my legs and face when they are wet, leaving lovely, sticky, itchy patches of fur on me. Getting all of it off requires you to wash your face and legs again. So basically, avoid kitty until you are dry unless you really enjoy taking two showers back to back.


With these tips and warnings, you are sure to be a fantastic cat parent. Your pet will definitely make it worth it when they purr and love on you. Cats are truly too good for this world.

Remember, adopt don’t shop!

Photos by author. If you loved the cat, or want to follow more cat adventures, you can see more of him on his Instagram @Solomon_The_Kitty!

Mary McLean (nee Moody) is an avid writer and the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus at VCU. She is currently double majoring in Political Science and History at Virginia Commonwealth University. She has published three novels and is working on her fourth. She loves her cats Sully and Remy and will always mention them in every conversation. You can find her looking at memes all night and chugging KickStart in the morning with her husband.
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