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5 Things that Happen When You’re Lowkey Sassy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

You’re known as the nice and quiet girl. No one expects you to say anything witty or sassy, but if they only knew the things happening inside your head.

1.      When you say anything cheeky, everyone is surprised.

Contrary to what people believed, you aren’t as mild as you seem.

2.      You’ve heard the phrase “I didn’t know you had a dark side!”

Actually, if you really knew me, you’d know that this is my only side. If only you knew what I was thinking.

3.      People often think that they’ve upset you when you’re really just making a joke.

Forget no one taking you seriously; sometimes people take your comments a little too seriously. They ask if you’re okay or even if you’re mad at them.


4.      Or they just don’t understand you altogether.

They ask how serious you are, and it’s kind of fun to watch them try to figure it out.

5.      The conversations in your head are funnier than some of the ones you have in person.

You may not say sassy things all of the time, but you’re wit is always at work as you silently evaluate everyone around you. 


21 || VBVA || Psychology || FACT@VCUAngie Ellorin is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is studying Psychology and eventually hopes to pursue a masters in Education. In her free time, Angie enjoy taking naps, watching Gossip Girl, and online shopping. She is the adopted mother of a beautiful African elephant named Elliot. Her favorite thing about Her Campus is meeting and being inspired by all the other empowering young women. 
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