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The 5 Sweaters You Need This Winter

Now that fall has (finally and belatedly) come to Virginia, it is officially the beginning of my favorite season: sweater season. I am in a total love affair with sweaters, and cry when I put them away at the start of spring and rejoice when I can unpack them at the beginning of fall. However, not all sweaters are created equal—here’s a comprehensive list from this sweater lover of all the sweaters you need in your arsenal this year, so you can serve looks while being cozy (the best combination). These sweaters range in prices, so find what fits your budget AND wardrobe to look great all winter long.

1. Oversized chunky knit

Disclaimer: most of these suggestions are going to recommend oversized, because nothing is better than putting on an oversized sweater. It’s like getting a giant hug that you get to wear. I have a few oversized, chunky sweaters that I wear almost every day in the winter because they’re just so dang easy to wear—if you get them in a neutral enough color, like these from H&M, you can wear them with literally anything. I like to pair my oversized, chunky sweaters with either leggings and tall boots to live out my Ariana Grande fantasy or with skinny jeans, ankle boots and a jacket to give some shape to the oversize. 

2. Big waffle-knit cardigan

Cardigans are the unsung heroes of fall, in that they go with legitimately anything and everything. I have several huge cardigans that I never bother to hang up, because six days out of seven I’m going to throw it on. I wear these with everything, from a night out on the town to when I’m cozying up with bae to watch our favorite Halloween movies. Again, I recommend sizing up in these because of how freakin’ cozy they are, and going with a neutral color (this is my absolute go-to from Target). My go-to styling with these cardigans are with leggings, a t-shirt and tall boots or layered with a flannel and tighter tank or t-shirt to alternate with how big they are.

3. Fuzzy, comfy turtleneck

I know I’ve said all of these are my favorite, but I think huge turtlenecks take the cake for me. There’s something about walking outside on a cold fall morning and feeling embraced from the neck down in pure comfort. I have a few turtlenecks, both semi-fitted and semi-oversized, and for this one it really comes down to personal preference. In case you couldn’t tell, I tend to like my sweaters oversized, but it’s up to your preference when it comes to turtlenecks. I recommend a fuzzy popcorn knit, like this one from Forever 21, for extra comfort. I like to style mine layered with a leather jacket, ripped jeans and ankle booties for a look that looks stylish, but feels like you’re still in bed.

4. Comfy fisherman’s knit

My mom regularly trolls the aisles at Goodwill for huge sweaters when it comes time to bundle up for winter, and my absolute favorite find of hers was an oversized, Woolrich fisherman’s knit sweater that I wore literally every day—until it shrunk in the wash. I was inconsolable for DAYS because of a sweater—which goes to show what an everyday staple it is. I got a new one, still wear it all the time, and am just more careful when it comes to washing it. I recommend getting one of these in a neutral oatmeal color, like this one from L.L. Bean for an everyday staple that will match everything. I love to wear these when it’s really chilly outside, paired with a flannel underneath, black jeans or leggings and duck boots for a comfy, classic look that keeps me cozy all winter long. 

5. Form-fitting, comfy as heck, everyday sweater

So, oversized sweaters are all well and good—and, if where you live drops below freezing on a regular basis, necessary to keep all your limbs. But sometimes you want a go-to sweater that fits, shows off the fact that you do, indeed, have a body, and keeps you warm all at once. These every day, fitted sweaters will become a sweater you reach for whether its 55 degrees and sunny or 13 degrees and snowing. I recommend getting these in fun colors, like these from Express, to add a pop of color to an otherwise drab winter wardrobe. I like to style these with a fun jacket, statement necklace, high-waisted jeans and warm boots so I’m serving looks even when I have to stomp through the snow.


Here’s to keeping cozy and looking cute all winter long! 


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