5 Skin Care Items to Add to Your Routine Instead of Makeup

A lot of girls love to wear makeup everyday, but there’s also a lot of gals who like to tone down the makeup on an everyday basis for a variety of different reasons. I went from wearing a full face of makeup every day in high school to now only wearing makeup going out with friends. On an everyday basis, I like to avoid makeup to keep my skin as fresh as possible for the days that I do wear makeup. Even though I’m not wearing makeup every day, I have found some skin care steps that I found can replace some makeup products I used to use. Here are five skin care steps I added to my skin care routine instead of wearing makeup:


Under Eye Brightening Cream

I, like some other people, have very tired and baggy-looking under eyes. When wearing makeup I would throw some concealer under there and call it a day, but on my no makeup days, I found that an eye brightening cream really does the trick. It doesn’t conceal as much as a typical concealer would, but I can honestly see a difference in my under eyes after applying it. 

Skin Mist 

Most people set all of their makeup in place with a setting spray, but you can still give your skin a glow with or without makeup on. I love a dewy or matte setting spray depending on what season it is. For summer I love using a dewy skin mist to give myself a summer glow even when I’m not wearing any makeup. A ton of different skincare and makeup brands make skin mists with glowing and mattifying formulas.

Brightening Serum

Instead of using a highlighting powder or liquid, brighten your entire complexion with a Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is great for combating dry and dull skin to look firm and moisturized. Vitamin C is also anti-aging and helps to brighten your complexion. Serums are a great skin care step to add to your routine before or after moisturizer to add a glow and refresh your skin.

Tinted Lip Balm 

Lipsticks can sometimes dry out lips, so instead, I like to use a tinted lip balm. The balm moisturizes my lips to make them luscious and plump while also giving them that hint of color. Tinted lip balms are a great alternative on those no makeup days to give yourself some hydration and color. 

Mattifying Sunscreen

For those who want to skip the dew and prefer a more matte look to their skin, mattifying sunscreens are the perfect option. In the winter, I prefer less of a dewy look and like to go for a more matte look while also not wearing makeup. Sometimes all my skin care products can give my face an unintentional glow that isn’t always wanted in the winter time. To fix this, I started using a mattifying sunscreen to not only protect my skin but also give me a soft matte look to my skin. 


Skin care is an important step in keeping your skin clear, happy and healthy. I hope you try out these skin care tips instead of makeup and feel as beautiful without makeup as you do with. 

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