5 Reasons UberEats is a College Student's Best Friend

As someone who grew up in a place where the only deliveries are Chinese takeout and pizza, discovering UberEats was probably the best and worst thing that could happen to me. Who doesn’t like food delivered to your door? My poor college student budget. Sure there are a lot of food options on campus, but sometimes us people without a car don’t want to stand in the Cane’s line for 30 minutes. Here's why UberEats should become your new best friend in college.

1. You don’t have to cook

Beginning with perhaps the most obvious reason, ordering food with UberEats gets rid of any responsibility you may have to cook. This especially comes in handy for freshman, or other students, who may not have easy access to a kitchen or a car. Too lazy to cook? No problem.

2. There are so many options

Living in an urban area makes the app a goldmine of different foods to try. Richmond, a place known for its diverse and plentiful restaurants, has an absolutely amazing selection ranging from McDonald's to diners to Lebanese food. 

3. It doesn’t break the bank (when used in moderation)

I’m not saying it’s the most cost-efficient plan in the world, as many students have meal plans. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not okay every once in awhile, when you need some type of food variety in your life. The delivery fees are around $5, in addition to your meal depending on your area and time of day. Additionally, your first meal is always discounted and you can receive your own personal promo code so that you can continue receiving discounts. I'm ashamed that I've paid $11 for a 10 piece nugget meal from McDonald's numerous times, but there’s only so much Shafer one can handle.

4. They deliver it right to your door (sometimes)

If you’re anything like me, you’ve realized that you’d probably rather starve then have to leave your warm room, and walk in the cold just to get some food. With UberEats, the hardest thing you have to do is pick what you want to eat, and the rest is taken care of. Those long walks to whatever place is currently taking swipes? No longer necessary.

5. It’s literally so simple

The next time that you're craving something that's not one of VCU's fine dining options, I definitely recommend you give this app a try. 

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