5 Reasons to go to a VCU Baseball Game

Everyone always talks about VCU Basketball, and students flock to games by the hundreds, but that season has ended, and it’s time for baseball! There’s nothing better than soaking in some sun while taking in an exciting game of baseball and supporting your school. If the love of the game isn’t enough to get you out to the park, I’m here to tell you five more reasons why you should come check out a VCU baseball game!


1. Support your school

School spirit shouldn’t end with basketball season! Teams love to hear fans cheering from the stands and baseball is no different. Head out to The Diamond to back our baseball team. All our sports teams deserve our love and support and you should showcase your school spirit all year round!



2. You can get way better seats

One of the best things about going to a VCU baseball game is that you can get way closer to the action! Forget camping out two hours early or having to squint from the back rows of the Siegel Center to see the basketball team. When you show up to The Diamond, you can usually snag a seat right behind the dugout or home plate. When you’re this close to the game everything seems more exciting. Just make sure to keep an eye out for foul balls!


3. It’s America’s pastime

Baseball has always been and will always be America’s pastime. The atmosphere at a ballpark is like no other. From the thrill of watching a homerun pass over that far wall to the traditional singing of “Take Me Out to The Ball Game” during the seventh inning stretch, there’s just something special about being at a ballpark. If you somehow have never been to a baseball game, you really must go to at least one, just to say you have.



4. It’s free

We’re all college kids out here, and we’re always looking for a deal. Well, here’s a great one - VCU baseball games are free for students! Just show your student ID and roll on in. You may want to bring extra money for snacks, but admission is completely free. Where else can you get about three hours of entertainment for free? Grab a group of your closest friends and head out to the ballpark for some free fun.


5.  Stadium food

Speaking of snacks… stadium food is an essential part of checking out a baseball game. While we, of course, want to advocate for making healthy choices, there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time and a baseball game is the perfect place to do so. Whether you’re feeling a corndog, some cheese fries or a cold beer (if you’re 21+ of course), it will always taste better when you’re sitting out in the sunshine, cheering for your school.



Whether you’re there for the pure love of the game, for some tasty snacks or to work on your tan, you’ll have a great time anytime you head out to a VCU baseball game. Just don’t forget your sunscreen! You can find the team's whole schedule here


Photos by author Garnette Ransone