5 Jackets You Need in Your Closet

Picture this: it's the first warm-ish day of spring that you don't need a down jacket, gloves, three scarves and a pocket warmer to stay warm. You can finally show off your outfits without pesky coats keeping you down! You open your closet to find the perfect addition to your coat collection that will allow you to stunt on your class....only to find you just have a collection of flannels and cardigans to layer with. 

Luckily, this guide is here to save the day as a recommendation for the jackets you absolutely, definitively NEED in your wardrobe. 

1. Denim denim denim.

This closet staple is as timeless as it gets. It goes with anything -- dresses, shorts, pants and even jeans to serve some Canadian Tuxedo ~*looks*~. Scour your local thrift shop for one to patch up, embroider, paint and make totally your own (another reason why denim jackets are the best--get some inspo for denim jacket DIY here). Not the thrifty type? Find some cheap alternatives -- you should never pay more than $30 for a denim jacket when they're so easily found at your local Goodwill.

2. Can you say (faux) leather?

Leather jackets have made the ultimate comeback this past season -- and for good reason. They're versatile, comfortable and add a little edge to your outfit -- not to mention they go with literally any ensemble you could imagine (and, you can channel post-transformation Sandy from "Grease"). My going-out look has involved a leather jacket since the moment I bought mine -- it makes me feel like a bad*ss, what can I say? Leather jackets tend to get a little pricey, but this is one closet investment I would say to go ahead and splurge on. A good faux leather jacket, like one here, will last you FOREVER, whereas a cheaper "pleather" one will start to peel after a while.

3. Coatigans, anyone?

Coati...what? Trust me, I was just as lost as I'm sure you are when I first heard that phrase. One shopping trip, though, and I found myself head over heels in LOVE with this style of jacket. Coatigans, like ones found here, are comfortable and cozy, yet fashionable and make you look like you tried (when you actually didn't). These are perfect for days you want to spend wrapped in your cozy comforter -- you essentially are, but it's more socially acceptable. Again, this is a closet staple that's worth investing in -- you'll soon find you wear it on days you don't leave the house, as well as days you spend out.

4. Car-go ahead and wear this every day.

My boyfriend likes to call my cargo jacket a "Vietnam vet jacket," and he says this every other day because that's how often I wear mine. These were super, incredibly popular a few years back, and are a trend that has stuck around for good reason -- I dare you to go to a pumpkin patch in the fall and find one girl who isn't in an olive green cargo jacket. These can be found for relatively cheap, like ones here, and are a jacket not really worth throwing more than $50 on --but one that you'll find you can style any number of different ways.

5. Bomb(ers) away!

Bomber jackets exploded (pun intended) last spring, and have made it clear they're here to stay. Like leather jackets, they add a little edge to your outfit and go with just about anything -- but are a little better for warmer spring/summer evenings, as they tend to be a little lighter. Find a green one (and get some serious Top Gun vibes) here, or mix it up and add a little color to your jacket collection with a colorful one. No matter which one you get, don't spend more than $50 on one -- this style isn't as timeless as some of the other ones listed above.

Do you have any absolute favorite jackets we may have missed? Let us know! 

Photo credits: Cover, gif 1, 23, 4, 5. Denim jacket photo taken by author