5 Cons of Living With Friends

The time has come -- you’re in college and you’re all on your own. The idea of living with your best friends and seeing them every day seems so fun! However, living with anyone is difficult whether you live with your friend or a stranger. There are definitely some positives to living with a friend compared to a stranger, however, living with friends isn’t as great as it seems.

1. It’s easier to become lazier

If you live with a stranger it’s easier to become more aware of when you need to be more proactive. It may be just me, but I don’t want a stranger I’m living with to live in my mess. When I’ve lived with random people, I’ve made sure to stay clean, however, when I live with friends it’s easier to not mind when I leave a little mess. In reality, it shouldn’t make a difference.

2. You're more likely to not get along

It can be difficult sharing the same space with your friend every single day. It’s easy to grow sick of them and it leads to tension. Make sure to give the friend you live with space if you choose to live with them. It can be exhausting hanging out with the same person 24/7.

3. Conflicts with sharing

When you first move in with a friend, it’s common for you to be open to sharing things like clothes or food. However, when it’s 10 p.m. and you’re craving a certain food item that disappears, you begin to regret letting your friend share your food.

4. It’s not a sleepover

This isn’t a sleepover every night. You’re legitimately living with someone. You each have your own lives and responsibilities. It’s not easy, be prepared.

5. Money issues

When you have to pay for rent and utilities every month, it can cause some tension between any pair of roommates, even friends. Money is a weird topic, so make sure to always communicate.

Living with friends can be difficult, but also it can be so fun. As long as the pair communicates, there should be minimal issues! Open communication leads to a good friendship/roomie relationship. 

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