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5 Black Skincare Influencers to Follow

In the last year, the rise of TikTok has brought newfound attention to the skincare community. Yet, most of the attention is still centered on white skincare influencers. To reframe this discourse, here are five Black skincare influencers you should check out. 

Simply Ijé

Ijé Simon, also known as Simply Ijé, is a content creator based in Dallas, Texas. Her primary platform is YouTube, where she posts makeup and skincare reviews with the occasional vlogs and fashion videos. Though her content covers a wide range, her standout videos are her skincare reviews, where she gives a thorough assessment of the key ingredients as well as which products pair well with one another.

Her ‘down to earth’ attitude makes her unique from other influencers out there. She is not a full-time content creator. Instead, she produces content as a side hustle and her videos are about sharing her passion with other people who also struggle from similar skin concerns. 


Dr. Adeline Kikam, also known as @brownskinderm on Instagram, is a board-certified dermatologist. As a physician-led account, her skincare content is both educational and science-backed. Most of the content is presented through short IGTV clips and reels, making the science-backed information feel digestible for those who are not skincare fanatics.

More importantly, she uses her platform as an inclusive space for people of color to discuss their dermatologic health. Much of her content is geared toward skincare issues affecting people of color and which ingredients and products are safe for brown skin. Her goal is to advocate for a more diverse, inclusive and representative skincare community


Sean Garrette is a licensed esthetician and skin specialist based in New York. Using Instagram as his platform of choice, he mostly posts reviews of high-end skincare products where he gives his opinions in the captions. His following is built around a focus on a hydrated, moisturized and seemingly poreless-looking complexion.

As a global ambassador for Fenty Skin, his content often showcases new Fenty Skin releases and how to incorporate these products into your skincare routine. He also runs a secondary Instagram account, @seangarretteskin, where he posts educational content focusing on skin health. 


Danielle Gray, also known as @stylenbeautydoc on Instagram and The Style and Beauty Doctor on YouTube, is a New York based fashion and beauty consultant. Through Instagram, she gives quick, lighthearted and humorous skincare advice on “secrets to clear skin” and “potential causes of breakouts.”

YouTube is where her content really shines with her no-nonsense reviews and affordable product recommendations. My favorite videos to watch are the ones where she reviews sunscreen and gives an honest look at whether they are suitable for deep skin as I am on a never-ending quest for the perfect sunscreen with no white cast. 


Ashley White, also known as @skinclasshero, is a skin esthetician based in Chicago. Instagram is her platform of choice, where she posts a combination of product reviews and professional skincare advice. What sets her apart from other skincare influencers is that she disregards skincare trends and emphasizes protecting your skincare barrier above all else. Her account shies away from depicting a perfect-looking complexion and opts for a realistic look at how real skin is supposed to look. She gives directions on how to treat specific skin issues and uses pictures of her clients’ skin to show the real before and after.  

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Kathy Nguyen is a Senior at VCU. She is double majoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Political Science with concentration in International Relations. Her passion includes advocating for women's reproductive rights and gun reforms. In addition to her political activism, she is a coffee snob and a Harry Potter fanatic.
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