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4 Ways to be Safe on Campus During a Global Pandemic

During the start of the pandemic, all of us lived in a constant state of fear. College students got sent home, parents were told to work from home, people lost their jobs, and many other uncertainties came with it. After being quarantined for a couple of months, people started to almost forget that there was a global pandemic happening, and fewer continued to take the same precautions as before. Now that many college students are back on campus, it seems that some have completely forgotten about the pandemic while others fear for safety and health. Though this situation is not ideal, there are a few things you can do while being on campus to protect yourself.

Request That Your Classes Are Online

Though online learning isn’t ideal for many people and not all majors are able to have all online classes, if this is a possibility for you, it’s one of the easiest ways to keep yourself away from people who might be infected with the virus. By having all of your classes online, you will limit the amount of time and contact you have with others.

Eliminate Unnecessary Outings 

Before the pandemic started, I would go to the nail salon every two weeks. When everything shut down, I obviously could not do that. That helped me realize that a number of things I spent money and time doing were not essential. When being cooped up in my house, I realized that getting my nails or eyebrows done often was something that put me at risk for coming in contact with people who might be sick and that it was not worth it. Since then, I have started doing my own nails at home, and that is something you can do as well! Eliminating unnecessary trips to places like the nail salon helps you avoid contact with others who might have the virus.

Clean Your Groceries 

My mom started disinfecting all of our groceries at the beginning of the pandemic, and I thought it was a bit strange and unnecessary. However, it is a very easy way to protect yourself. Everything that comes from the outside may have been in contact with the virus, and if you bring it into your home, it may put you at risk. Just like you wash your hands when you come from the outside, you should clean your groceries as well. To do that, you can use disinfectant wipes or alcohol and paper towels and remember to wash your fruits and veggies.

Bring Hand Sanitizer Everywhere You Go

Having hand sanitizer with you is extremely important and essential during a pandemic. Before leaving your house, remember to put a small (or large) bottle of sanitizer in your purse, backpack, car and everywhere you can think of. It is extremely important to have the sanitizer with you and use it every time you will touch your face or food. Also, remember to sanitize your hands before taking your mask off.

Hopefully, these tips will help you stay safe during this crazy time! I wish everyone a great and healthy start to the new school year. 

Fran Ramos is a VCU student where she is majoring in Public Relations. She spends most of her time trying new Pho restaurants with her friends or listening to music. She is a mom to three cats, Lorenzo, Teresa and Oswald and loves to spam her social media followers with pictures of them.
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