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4 VCU Inspired Halloween Costumes

As the leaves begin to fall and the outside air turns crisp and cool, an ominous feeling has emerged –Halloween is here and it is time to get spooky. However, there is nothing worse than realizing two days before Halloween that you have no creative costume for all your Halloweekend festivities here at VCU. No worries, here are four VCU inspired Halloween costumes surely to have everyone talking.   

1. RamSafe: I’m sure everyone on campus has had an experience with a RamSafe. They are everywhere, and they are not opposed to hitting you. This could be a single costume or a group! Just grab a couple boxes, black, white and yellow paint, and a sharpie. Cut a few holes for your arms and paint on the classic RamSafe design and you’re ready to go!

2. Sidewalk Pizza: It never fails that every Saturday walking down Harrison Street or Broad Street, someone has managed to drop a piece of Christian’s or Extreme pizza on the sidewalk. Over the next few days, the slices have become hot and melted to the bricks in the sidewalk. What better way to capture the Richmond spirit then dressing up as sidewalk pizza? All you need is some cardboard and paint and you are ready to go.

3. Hot Garbage Smell: At any given time, at any given moment, the smell of hot garbage runs rampant through the streets of Richmond. What better way to capture the essence of the city than dressing up as the essence of that hot garbage smell? All you need is a garbage bag and some scissors!

4. Cigarette: Just by walking around campus, it is apparent that Richmond is the tobacco capital of the United States. Whether it be the art kids, the hipsters or even the business students, almost everyone smokes. What better way to capture the VCU spirit by dressing up as an American spirit? All you will need is paint, a sharpie and some cardboard.

I hope all these ideas help to get you in the Halloween spirit while still staying close to your Richmond and VCU roots!

Emily Holter is a Freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. She studies Mass Communications with a concentration in Print and Online Journalism. She is an avid reader of books, a lover of all things Cher, and a flower enthusiast. Most days, she is tucked away in a coffee shop, sipping on her black coffee and enjoying light conversation.
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